In pictures: Celebrities react to Dr. Manmohan Singh’s sartorial flamboyance at ASEAN summit


Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh dazzled one and all with his presence at the ASEAN summit in Cambodia. Quite literally. Unreal Times’ South East Asian Correspondent Sirik Matak was at hand to capture key moments:










Ashwin Kumar

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  • Lokesh Bahety

    Haha! Bright piece this bro :D

    • Ashwin

      thanks man :) …credit to Mama as well for quite a bit of help :D

  • Pritam

    Funny the attire…Funnier the piece…nice man!!!

    • Ashwin

      thanks man :) to Mama as well for quite a bit of help :D

  • Sachin

    The Indians have sent a robot…… HA HA HA…

  • Sovientsocialistdemocraticrepublicmangoman

    Sakkath da…
    Blue turban in orange colour was the ripper….
    But who was d woman in d pic?

  • Narasimhan

    Sonia Gandhi’s ‘ahem’ always comes at a right time…

  • Jagbir

    Start scrolling and your smile keep broadening.. and by the time it ends.. you are laughing :)

    • Ashwin

      thanks :)

  • Dev.D

    haha awesome! One of these days, Ashwin, you’re gonna get locked up. Haven’t you heard ? having a sense of humour these days is a punishable offence!

    • Ashwin

      definitely man ..gotta apply for anticipatory bail ASAP :)

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  • Biz

    funny…we are perfect in making fool of ourselves in front of whole world so why not MMS