Manmohan Singh realizes he is still the Prime Minister of India after watching TV


While the hanging of Pakistani terrorist and 26/11 convict Ajmal Kasab has brought great surprise to the nation including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who came to know of the incident only through television, it seems he also came to know through ticker messages flashing on the small screen that he continues to remain the PM of India.

In one of his rare interactions with the media, the soft spoken PM said, “Actually ever since the cabinet reshuffle, I’m not quite sure who is in charge. Everyone keeps saying Rahulji is number 2 so I assumed that he was the PM. But it appears I’m still the PM.”

Dr. Singh however refused to divulge which news channels he watches. “Well, I change the channel whenever I come across Renuka Chadhury. And with Manish Tewari becoming a minister, watching evening news is more pleasurable but the downside is I have to suffer the man during cabinet meetings,” he whispered.

However, the Prime Minister wasn’t the only one to be surprised today, as BCCI President N Srinivasan too was stunned on learning from television that PepsiCo had become the official sponsors of the Indian Premier League for the next 5 years, at a contract worth INR 398 crore. “What nonsense, pa?! I wanted Aavin Paal to be the official sponsors of the IPL. What has this Rajiv Shukla done without my knowledge?” the India Cements bigwig is supposed to have told Anbazhagan Selvarasu, The UnReal Times reporter in Chennai.

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  • mukesh

    pata nahi desh kaise chal raha hai.

  • Tejaswi K.R

    All Indians must be grateful to the electronic media for having made the PM realize that Ajmal Kasab was not a native of Rae Barelly or Amethi in India…….

  • Chintan

    better one yaar……cummon ashwin

    • Ashwin

      sorry ?

  • Venkat

    quote : “What nonsense, pa?! I wanted Aavin Paal to be the official sponsors of the IPL unquote

    nice one!! satire is a serious business!! one has to go deep into the culture and mass regional behavioral/language use/abuse patterns.

    every time i find you do justice to satire. keep up the good work. all of you guys make my day every day. thanks.

    • Ashwin

      thank u !! :)

  • Theultimatechennaisuperkingsfan

    Great ashwin da!!!!!
    ”…rahul no i assumed he was PM”
    EPIC :D

    • Ashwin

      thanks to the editors for that line :)

  • Jitendra Desai

    After watching TV,our beloved PM also realised that as country’s PM ,he can continue to dream about visiting Pakistan and the village where he was born and work for the eternal peace between two nations.