TV actor Tulika in Congress ad campaign for Gujarat elections is actually Jacqueline Fernandez


After the stunning revelation that the poster released by the Congress during election campaigning to portray malnourishment in Gujarat was actually that of a child in Sri Lanka, it has now come to light that TV actress Tulika, who has been featuring in Congress online and television ads, is actually Sri Lankan model turned Bollywood diva, Jacqueline Fernandez.

Jacqueline has confirmed the news. “Oh yeah, that Tulika lady is none other than yours truly. But what’s the big deal, yaa? Just because I starred in a Mahesh Bhatt movie doesn’t mean the public will remember only my curves, and not my ability to act and convey fiction. Yes, my face looks different, but that’s only because I do not wear any make up or glamorous outfits in those ads. In fact, I had also suggested modifying that cliché about development to ‘Disha bhi badle, dasha bhi badle aur chehraa bhi’. For the accent, I took the Jigna Patel body language classes,” disclosed the leggy model turned actress, who has also been offered a role in Amir Khan’s next promotional ad for ‘Talaash’ as an appreciation of her commitment to social causes and quest for perfection.

BJP has reacted very strongly calling it a dishonest campaign. “This is yet another move to malign Gujarat. They could not feature any Amisha Patel or Urvashi Dholakiya, but had to go all the way to Sri Lanka to cast Jacqueline for the role of Tulika. This shows the Congress mind is governed by foreign forces. Our opposition for FDI will now become stronger than ever,” averred BJP spokesperson Rajeev Pratap Rudy, without clarifying on the connection between the ad and FDI.

Congress is also facing heat from AIADMK, DMK and PMK on the issue. “Aiyyo!! In all nook and corners of the world, have they got only Lankans to give employment to? The Congress will not only lose in Gujarat but Tamil Nadu as well. Even I am an actress. They could have pitched me up for this ad campaign. I am anyways out of business,” wailed DMK leader cum Tamil deity, Khushbu.

Meanwhile Congress on the other hand has been on the defensive ever since Tullika’s cover was blown. “Well, the face of Tulika is just symbolic. The real message lies in her words,” said Abhishek Manu SInghvi, quickly adding, “Though I really wish had we cast Jacqueline in the way she was shown in movies, she could have been an actual crowd puller. Otherwise, it seems like she’s acting in a Sandhi Sudha ad with the aggression of Rahul Gandhi. And the irony is that in spite of all this, the Tulika ad is the most credible opposition to the Modi led government.”

The most disappointed of them all was Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh. “Oh! I had huge hopes from this Tulika. She was the most credible leader we had in Gujarat. Add to that, her not having a surname meant we could link her with any community depending on the situation. In fact, I had even thought of appending ‘Gandhi’ to her name by convincing Rahul Baba to marry her, but she ruined it by revealing that she’s Sri Lankan, albeit with Dutch ancestry. Now had she had Italian genes, it would have been a different matter altogether,” bemoaned Diggy.

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