Congress leader bursts out laughing while claiming that Congress will return to power in Gujarat


Shankarbhai Parmar, a leader from the Gujarat Congress, today burst into uproarious laughter right in the middle of a quote to a media person. The incident occurred on the heels of a particularly fiery Modi rally after which the media sought sound-bites from representatives of the Gujarat Congress.

Speaking to a local journalist, Parmar started off furiously enough, waving his fist at the camera. “Narendra Modi has been lying to the voters. His so called development is a myth. The reality is that farmers are committing suicide, there’s no drinking water, there’s no electricity, there is no safety for women and children. The people of Gujarat are fed up with the Narendra Modi government and will… and will…,” sputtered Shankarbhai, his face suddenly undergoing strange contortions as he visibly struggled to control his speech. Nonetheless, the leader continued valiantly, “…the people of Gujarat will give a befitting reply to Modi by electing Congress to power. BWAHAHAHAHA!”

The leader suddenly broke into an uncontrollable fit of mirth. “Oh man, I can’t do this.. I can’t do this anymore… BWAHAHAHA! The things we have to say,” he stammered through giggles, holding onto his sides before toppling over and curling up on the ground, his entire body shaking in an epileptic fit of laughter.

After five minutes, Parmar was still laughing so hard that the worried onlookers carried him away on a stretcher to a nearby hospital for a precautionary check-up. The leader was later declared to be out of danger, but was nevertheless admitted overnight for observation.

While his health may be out of danger, his career in Congress may have received a serious jolt. A party spokesperson in Delhi has confirmed that Shankharbhai Parmar will no longer campaign for the Gujarat this year. Speaking to the Unreal Times on the condition of anonymity, he said, “We, in the Congress, take great pride in keeping the straightest of faces while uttering the most ridiculous things one could think of. When the party holds everyone to such high standards, it is unpardonable for a leader to slip during something as mundane and regular as Modi bashing.”

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