Cricketers congratulate Ravindra Jadeja for his third triple ton on his Facebook Wall


Saurashtra all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja created history this week when he scored his third triple century in first class cricket, thereby making a strong bid for a spot in the national side. Immediately after news broke about this tremendous feat, cricketers filed in to congratulate him on his Facebook Wall. An Unreal snapshot:

(With inputs from the Unreal Team)

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  • Narasimhan

    Kudos to the author.Even though i laughed a lot after reading this, it seemed like everything is actually true…it is not unreal is it? Unrealtimes is the most serious news paper

  • Theultimatechennaisuperkingsfan

    Thanks narasimhan!!!!
    Significant part of the credit to the editors also :)
    of course,it unreal!!
    (u knew it, didnt u? :))

  • Arun

    This is the best ever Facebook wall up on unrealtimes. It was too good and too truthful at times. Brilliant piece of work!!!

  • Theultimatechennaisuperkingsfan

    Wow!! Thanks arun!!:)
    wonderful really, to get such a encouraging comment for my debut article!(great work by editors also):D

  • Pankaj

    Good one

  • Theultimatechennaisuperkingsfan

    Thanks pankaj!!!
    Thanks a lot!!:):)

  • Rup

    Very good debut indeed… nice job Theultimatechennaisuperkingsfan.

  • Theultimatechennaisuperkingsfan

    Thanks dear Rup,
    hope i have a good career as well!!

  • ponic

    Laughed a lot reading this. Especially Gavaskar’s and Harsha’s posts.

  • Lokesh Bahety

    Hey good one man! Great way to start :)

  • Theultimatechennaisuperkingsfan

    Thanks a lot, ponic dear..
    Credit to the editors for the harsha and gavaskar part.!!:)

  • Theultimatechennaisuperkingsfan

    Thanks lokesh sir,
    thank u!!!:)

  • Freedune

    Man if Rajkot and Jamnagar both found a slot in the national team, Bhavnagar would have a case of terminal gripes. Prepare yourselves for a new face!

  • Theultimatechennaisuperkingsfan