Mulayam Singh used to walk out of examinations as they were ‘anti-student’ says his college teacher

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Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav’s walkout ahead of the crucial vote on FDI in retail due to his being “upset” with the government might have stunned the nation but is nothing new, according to his college teacher.

Opening up about the teenage years of the SP supremo to The UnReal Times, Ganga Ram Dwivedi, principal of the KK College in Ettawah, Mulayam’s alma mater, revealed, “This behavior is nothing new. A few days before every examination, Mulayam would fiercely look forward to topping the university. One look at him and you could really see him gearing up for it. But just one day before the exam, he would receive a phone call from someone, to this day we don’t know who it is.”

“Then he would come all the way to the examination hall and just before the question paper would be given, he would say he is upset, call the examination as ‘anti-students’ and walk out! We tried our best to extract the reason for this kinda behavior from him, but in vain. And now I see that this trait has made its way into politics as well.”

However, Dwivedi said that Mulayam wasn’t a dull student. “He was exceptionally good at synonyms and antonyms! But there too, he had a trait – for one hour, he would perfectly answer the synonym and for the rest of the day, he would go on telling the antonym,” Dwivedi added.

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    If only we Indians get to see a day on which parties such as these are dumped in the elections so that they walk out of the political forum realizing that people are “Anti-Corrupt”…..