Facebook Wall: Team India mulls strategy after loss in Eden Gardens


BCCI, the selectors and the Indian players convened on Team India’s Facebook Wall for a post-mortem after the rout in Eden Gardens. Although rigor mortis set in long back, probably during the tour to England in 2011, the introspection was a baby step in the right direction. Contrary to its adherence to opacity and secrecy, the BCCI was sweet enough to share a snapshot of the Facebook Wall minutes with The Unreal Times for public dissemination:

UnReal Mama

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  • Theultimatechennaisuperkingsfan

    Great mama!!
    Now we know why cricket is a funny game:)

  • Andy

    I blame manmohan singh for everything!!!! ROFL !! Couldn’t control, before reading anything else I need a break for laughing

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    Oh man, the wise words by Manmohan had be all ROFL! Figuratively!