Congress accuses BJP of misleading people. Claims it’s “our job.”


The Congress party today accused the main opposition party, Bharatiya Janata Party, of misleading the people of India on the FDI-in-retail issue, which, according to their spokesperson, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, has “traditionally been the job of the Congress party.” Mr. Singhvi was accompanied by Congress stalwarts such as Mr. Digvijaya Singh and Mr. Kapil Sibal at a press conference where he lashed out at BJP for “their campaign of deceit, and unprincipled opposition to the government’s proposal to invite foreign investment in retail.”

“We’re shocked that the BJP is playing our game and trying to beat us at it. Let me make this very clear. We are second to none when it comes to spreading half-truths and misleading people. We refuse to be cowed down by BJP’s tactics. If they think that they can outdo us in mudslinging and slander, they’ve got another thing coming,” thundered Mr. Singh.

“If BJP party members truly believe that non-stop lying is the way to go, then they should seriously consider joining the Congress,” chipped in Mr. Singhvi for good effect.

Mr. Sibal opined that the debate over the FDI in retail in Parliament was unnecessary. “There was no need to debate this. If we pass the bill, then the government will be able to spend time on more important things like arresting people over Facebook posts. The debate in Parliament has been disappointing. Considering that Ms. Sushma Swaraj is the leader of Opposition, I thought that there would be more dancing involved,” he added.

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  • Janaki Das

    Good one, sir. Subtle mockery.

  • Pattabhi Raman

    I hope the Editors are aware that this is a straight lift from the Newyorker 27th November “REPUBLICANS BLAST SUSAN RICE FOR MISLEADING PUBLIC: “THAT’S OUR JOB” Posted by Andy Borowitz

    Read more:

    • Lokesh Bahety

      Thanks for pointing that out, but rest assured that none of the columnists here are party to plagiarism. Two people coming up with the same concept is not that a far-fetched idea, is it? :)

      • Pattabhi Raman

        Well. Thanks for replying so promptly.As long as the Editors and the author are happy and satisfied,I suppose it is OK. I am myself an admirer of your very interesting and penetrative political spoofs. so do thousands of your readers, I am sure. Incidentally, I tell and share a lot of jokes and all my friends love it; but all of us know they are not original but are only “retold”; it does not affect the hilarity and the laughter they bring. I will take it in that spirit and enjoy.