Picture series: Leaders, celebrities across the world wish superstar Rajinikanth on 62nd birthday


As superstar Rajinikanth turned 62 today, world leaders, scientists, men of letters, showbiz personalities and even page 3 celebrities called on the great man to wish him on the momentous occasion.

The Unreal Times brings you pictures of Rajini’s 62nd birthday celebrations:





















(For non-Tamil folks: “Vaazhga” = “Long live”, “Naan oru kodi jeicha, nooru kodi jeicha madiri” = “My winning 1 crore is like winning 100 crores”, “Summa adhirudhu la” = “Kyun? Hila daala na”, “Ennanga” = “Sunte ho”. And everyone knows what “Thalaiva” means)

(With inputs from Unreal Team)

Ashwin Kumar

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  • Rasigan

    Wow, this is really Hillarious. IRCTC service unavailable. is the highlight. Even Rajni cannot get through the booking.

    • http://ashwinsatirekumar.blogspot.com Ashwin

      thanks :) credit to the unreal team for the IRCTC joke :)

  • Umashankar

    irctc took the fun out of everything else.

  • Lokesh Bahety

    1. Ashwin = Hilarious, No surprises there. 2. Don’t know what ‘Thalaiva’ means :P

    • http://ashwinsatirekumar.blogspot.com Ashwin

      hehe ..thanks man :)

  • Unreal Mama

    Shame on you. :P
    (Thalaiva means leader. And in case of Rajini “O Great Leader”)

    • Lokesh Bahety

      Hehe..Thank you Thalaiva *Runs back to pray for forgiveness* :D

  • Shashi Baliga

    You guys are unstoppable. This is truly worthy of Rajni sir

    • http://ashwinsatirekumar.blogspot.com Ashwin

      thank you!! :)

  • CM Gogo

    Oh I thought he was born on 13.13.13!!

  • Theultimatechennaisuperkingsfan

    Being a non-tamilian,
    i too didnt understand what ‘thalaiva’ meant!
    Great work by ashwin da!
    Loved the amir khan part!:)

    • http://ashwinsatirekumar.blogspot.com Ashwin

      thanks CSK Fan :)

  • http://paisatalks.com/ Ritz

    working with aardhya is too good ashwin.
    great work. loved the post

    • http://ashwinsatirekumar.blogspot.com Ashwin

      thank u !!! :)

  • http://paisatalks.com/ Ritz

    Please correct your timings in comments its+5 gmt.

  • Ellen

    Hilarious! Rajini sir would approve, for sure! :D

    • http://ashwinsatirekumar.blogspot.com Ashwin

      hehe ..thanks :)

  • yasin

    thalaiva vaztha vaiyathillai vananungugirom…….!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com yasin

    happy birthday to our beloved superstar ha ha ha aha !!!!!!

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    world no.1 super star rajinikanth

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    next chief minister of tamilnadu engal annan superstar rajinikanth vazga…………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    next prime minister of india our superstarstar rajinikanth u r great……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    sugjsdg jgushd ud dusduhb uhhgdu jhgyfg hgndfgs yytsd hg fjweafgey hgfufwfg!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????? onnum purialiya addha enga annan superstar rajinikanth

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    enga thalaivar pola varuma

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    kanna paninga than kootama varum enga annan super star rajnikanth singala than varruvar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!