In pictures: Reactions to Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik’s “weather” remark


Pakistan’s Interior minister Rehman Malik, who is currently on a visit to India, made a shockingly insensitive statement yesterday when he remarked that Captain Saurabh Kalia may have died due to the weather. An irate Unreal Times photographer Atul Baskarbe brings you reactions to the execrable statement by this joker from Pakistan:
















Ashwin Kumar

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    • Ashwina

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  • Shankar

    Hey Ashwin – Great job again!
    that wicked smile on our PM’s is the highlight :)

    Btw, speaking of weather, you could think about using Mr.Ramanan as well

  • Ashwin

    thank you :) Credit to the editors for the PM pic

  • abhinav

    pardon me for saying this but Rehman Malik is a Fu**in Chu**yaa!

    • raik

      the whole of pakistan is what you said no doubt
      no humans can torture saurab kalia and others like that it can be only done by those ****ing *******

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    Loved the sarcastic lastname you gave to “An irate Unreal Times photographer ” – Atul Baskarbe!!!

    Imagination at its best :)

    - Varma

    • Ashwin

      credit to the editors for that :)

  • Bad boy

    Ha ha, f**k you for making me laugh at office.. my boss is staring at me and I have appraisal this afternoon.

    However, it is a good laugh.. keep up the good work!

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    Cool man… the pictury story is outstanding.

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