Gujarat Elections: Sonia Gandhi, Narendra Modi clash on Facebook


Campaigning for the Gujarat Assembly elections spilled over into social media with leaders crossing swords and taking potshots at each other on Facebook. We bring you snapshots of some of the jibes, accusations and potshots that leaders lobbed at each other in the virtual battleground of the popular social networking site:

UnReal Mama

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Ek chatur naar badee hoshiyaar, apane hee jaal me phasat jaat ham hasat jaat are ho ho ho ho ho!

  • Monarch

    It can’t get better.

  • Chintan

    Nice One!!!

  • zanta.hawaldaar

    The question is – who are those 9 people who didn’t LIKE Sonia’s last comment?

  • Deepali Dhanotia

    Nice comments…..Narendra Modi is gonna win.