Vijay Mallya‘s ambitious plan for revival of Kingfisher Airlines: making it fly on beer


After an endless wait, Chairman Vijay Mallya has finally submitted a plan for the revival of Kingfisher Airlines. In a joint press conference with Pramod Chaudhari, chairman of Praj Industries, a beaming Vijay Mallya announced that a joint venture between United Breweries, his Spirits Company and Praj Industries, India’s leading clean energy and Biofuels Company had managed to crack the code of turning Kingfisher beer to Kingfisher aviation grade fuel.

“Now we will no longer need to spend on fuel. Kingfisher will run on homemade booze,” said Vijay Mallya. Pramod Chaudhari, chairman of Praj Industries sounded a note of caution saying, “We have succeeded in our experiments on a laboratory scale. It will take some time to get this into an economically viable stage for mass production. However, we will need more funds for that.”

However, financing does not seem to be a constraint as leading banks led by SBI, PNB and ICICI Bank have expressed complete faith in Vijay Mallya’s entrepreneurial acumen and have committed the desired funds for research.

A test pilot disclosed to The UnReal Times, “With this biofuel, the plane behaves just like it is drunk causing higher than accepted turbulence. However, the research department is working on this.”

Meanwhile, once this biofuel gets into industry scale production, Kingfisher Beer is likely to become very expensive, a fact that has caused severe concern among regular drinkers. However, the government is working on a proposal to subsidize the beer for genuine drinkers, to the extent of 5 cans per year.

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    the government is working on a proposal to subsidize the beer by “direct beer transfer”

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