Abhijit Mukherjee found screaming at portrait of Mona Lisa


Son of the first citizen of India, President Pranab Mukherjee, Abhijit Mukherjee was found creating a scene at the National Museum in New Delhi, when he began screaming incessantly at a portrait of the world famous “Mona Lisa”. According to our UnReal political correspondent Rajniti Sarkarwala, who was an eyewitness, Mukherjee was seen repeatedly yelling, “You painted-dented woman !!” at the portrait.

“I was checking out some documents of Mahatma Gandhi at the National museum, when I got a call from The UnReal Times office, alerting me that Mr.Mukherjee was in the museum too. I thought I’d have to spend some time trying to find him, but he made my job a lot easier, when he began to yell loudly. The museum being a very silent place, it was easy to locate him and to my surprise, he wasn’t spewing gaalis or profanities. He was just repeatedly shouting – ‘You painted-dented woman’ !! He then looked towards me and said – ‘You know what, Rajniti ? She has surely visited a discotheque before posing like this!! Check out the look on her face. I’ve seen many girls like this. She’s happily and fashionably posing. What does she know about ground realities?’ I just didn’t know how to react,” said Sarkarwala.

Efforts were on to contact CNN-IBN deputy editor Sagarika Ghose to see if she had any copies of “look-live” interviews with Leonardo Da Vinci, the artist who painted the legendary painting, but in vain. However, if sources are to be believed, Abhijit is apparently said to have referred to Ghose herself, when he made his remarks on “make-up”.

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