DLF gives unsecured loan to Shoaib Malik for his victory clinching six

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Shoaib Malik’s exploits with the bat have not just won him plaudits from fans across the border but the gratitude of India’s premier realty major, DLF, which has rewarded him with an unsecured loan.  Chairman KP Singh justified the largesse to the Pakistani batsman, claiming his six in the final over was good for his firm’s business.

“Well, Malik’s six triggered thoughts of ‘DLF maximums’ in people’s minds, because of which people will now associate DLF with Malik and not Vadraji.  Finally, thanks to Shri Malik, we are getting good publicity which should translate into increased demand for DLF flats,” explained the DLF chief.

DLF clarified that just like in the case with Vadra, their relationship with India’s other infamous son-in-law would be transparent and on an arm’s length basis. “One unsecured loan for every six he hits. As simple as that,” explained a DLF official.

Malik is beside himself with joy. “Always wanted to buy a beach-house on the outskirts of Dubai for Sania but the interest rates and down payment was too prohibitive, yaa. Now thanks to DLF, my dream will come true,” cooed Malik, tears of joy streaming down his gaunt face.  However, it has come to light that Malik is grappling with insurmountable red-tapism in getting the necessary permits in the Emirates, forcing the Pakistani to look at options in India.

Vadra has downplayed notions of Malik cutting into his turf by becoming DLF brand ambassador. “He will have no option but invest in real estate with all those unsecured loans. But who will get him the necessary clearances? Muhaawaaah,” he guffawed.

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