Arnab Goswami turns into the Incredible Hulk on air during NewsHour; thrashes panelist


In a shocking turn of events yesterday on Times Now’s marquee show, the NewsHour, editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami’s rage exceeded safe limits and reached a level hitherto unheard of, causing him to spontaneously shape-shift into the Incredible Hulk.

Readers who caught Arnab’s show yesterday might remember that the central focus of NewHour was the ‘dented-painted’ comment made by Abhijit Mukherjee with regard to the women participating in the Delhi Gang Rape protests. Arnab Goswami, angry to begin with, was not amused when his repeated attempts to browbeat engage Abhijit were met by a muted but firm ‘I have withdrawn the comment, and I have tendered an apology’ by Mukherjee every single time.

“He got progressively angrier every time Abhijit said that,” recalled Rahul Navrekar, spokesperson for the Shiv Sena, who was at the studio with Arnab. “When Abhijit refused to respond to Arnab’s question for a fifth consecutive time, Arnab’s eyes took on a rather green tinge. He ploughed on nevertheless, asking Abhijit once again to explain what dented-painted meant, only for Abhijit to refuse him staunchly. At that point…,” Rahul paused to compose himself, a hint of fear flickering in his eyes. “At that point, Arnab began to shake all over and rapidly expand in size… his skin turned completely green.. and his clothes tore to shreds…I… I didn’t wait to see what happened. I just ran for my life,” he concluded, shaking violently.

The Television footage of the episode substantiates Rahul’s account. A few minutes into the episode, Arnab is seen transforming into a great green monster, and leaping off from his rectangle on the screen while the in-studio panelists are seen shrieking and running helter-skelter. Abhijit, however, is still fidgeting with his ear piece oblivious to the mayhem. Seconds later, the Hulk lands with a thud in Abhijit’s rectangle, and proceeds to lift him by his feet and slam him into the ground multiple times.

The footage has been handed over to the Mumbai police, who are now looking into the matter.

Meanwhile, Rajdeep Sardesai dismissed the incident as yet another gimmick by Arnab. “Drama queen. He would go to any extent to get TRPs,” he said, disgust writ all over his face.

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  • Jitendra Desai

    Very timely report by UnrealTimes.Compliments for this early warning.
    Mumbai police, investingating the case has established that Mr Arnab Goswami now has acquired the ability to transform himself in to a spiderman or a superman or a hulk [ as in this case]to fight all evils and evil doers in ALL news channels.It is learnt that he is frustrated by the outcomes of those Kangaroo courts that he has been holding during those News Hours.Now he will dispense with justice spot on.It is heard that all TV anchors,party spokes persons,govt officials,police commissioners,political leaders etc are seeking Z Plus security to save them from any physical harm from this new Avatar of Arnab.

  • Indian

    Its no longer a laughing matter. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. What the hell is going on? These politicians , instead of healing the wounds, are creating more injuries. We need educated and honest people as our rulers. Alas, that is going to take time. “Democracy is when the indigent, and not the men of property, are the rulers.” Aristotle.

  • lallu

    Moorakhjee has ‘verbal diarrhoea’, just like so many politicians.

  • TheQuestion

    Imagine the reactions of the staff of Times Now. Hitler morphing into Hulk is the last thing you want from your boss.


    Absolutely true. I saw the whole airing last night, and frankly, was more appalled by Arnab’s display of Arrogance and Hostility to one and all, than anything else. This man is a Law unto Himself, Thinks no ends of Himself, Likes to Hear Himself Most (unlike an “ANCHOR” that he is supposed to be), is pompous like hell, respects NO one, shouts everyone down and makes a complete ASS of himself !@! Quite often have to SWITCH Channels to avoid his RANTING & RAVING, even though the topic & the Panel may be veery good ! Although he is intelligent and pointed, he must bring some maturity & humility into his bearing while chairing a National channel and not get so OBNOXIOUSLY AGGRESSIVE & LOUD as he does so often. Sincerely hope he does, as Barkha has managed on NDTV, with longer years of experience, I guess. All the best to Mr Goswami.

    • Subhankar Roy

      @Abhijit Roy.. I am more amazed that you are focusing on what I believed was righteous anger of Goswami rather than the unbelievably insane and ridiculously chauvinistic comments made by the politician. People like Goswami are required to humiliate these kinds of politicians on National Television so that they think twice before making such comments even though their mindset will never change


        Right, Shubhankar,but not at the cost of civility, and remembering that he is only an ANCHOR, and not the main opinion-maker whose views are being sought & valued.

        • Guest

          He’s the Editor in-chief, not just an ANCHOR..!!

    • Pragyna

      Barkha Dutt????You are talking abt her….Do you know how much crores of money she binged on …just to keep the facts under the carpet …get your facts right…Arnab Goswami is people’s voice…Hez vents out the anger which we would literally like to do ….He bashes then the way I like to question these disgusting Politicians….

      • AAP

        True.. Nobody can match ‘Arnab’ he is people’s voice.. Barkha, Rajdeep , Raveesh kumar all seems like sponsored journalists.. Arnab knows what is the real journalism ( not to please politicians, corrupts but to help society and throwing truth )

  • Rishi

    @Subhankar Roy….I agree with you in totality. These politicians are representatives of the common people yet once in the chair they are un-accessible.
    It is in these types of forums that they can be questioned. You or I, even if we wish to, cannot question these politicians and perhaps it is through these anchors, who have access to the politicians, can direct the questions to the politicians.
    Perhaps Arnab’s aggressiveness was a little uncalled for, however we also need to keep in mind that any normal individual would get irritated on the manner in which Mr Abhijit Mukherjee had been responding.

  • Chirag maheshwari

    @ Abhijit Roy… What are you trying to point out here, saving the person with your same name, or the Bengali unity came into play..
    There is a reason he was shouting,dominating over there, when ‘pseudo-intellectual’ people like you start speaking they should check out with the sensitivity of issue. Raising finger on the Journalist when you have a whole lot of cause to speak off on the disgusting comments by your Indian Parliament MP, No but you want to catch a Limelight, Here it is ,You got noticed you *******


      Do you deserve a reply, you bumpkin ?

      • AAP

        Pseudo Intellectual journalist like Raveesh, Barkha , Karan Thapar they act so brilliantly like they are the masters of the issue being discussed but actually they know less facts and just act as sponsored anchors…
        Arnab Goswami is the one who keeps all facts with him so he CAN speak so loudly.. He is the only real journalist… KUDOS to him.. Brilliant Man..

  • Eisha

    I pity you abhijit roy ….. everyone pities your poor poor soul that is utterly deppressed so as to why arnab turned into a green hulk and u just remained a frankenstein monster in the coffin…. dont worry dude! rest in peace…. ;)

    • George T. cherian

      @Eisha: agreed tat the politician in question had made an appalling remark(which i totally don’t subscribe to), but that so doesn’t mean that one as an anchor of a national channel can loose his cool while interviewing people. All Mr. Goswami does is commercialize and politicize things(Trp’s matter for his channel u see ;))

  • Francis Fernandes

    @AbhijitRoy One should just keep quiet smile and be polite and show utmost respect and courtesy while MP’s, Ministers can degrade, talk all sorts of nonsense like dented and painted we as a nation just keep quiet we show no emotion we show no anger we only show above mentioned qualities further more they surely can get elected again and again no questions asked they can take the country for a ride which they done for the last 65 years and we as nation show all respect how convenient of u Mr. CA

  • Hector

    To a certain extent, it is good but one should not forget that on national television, some degree of poise is required. Not because of any other reason but because one needs to focus on the point in question and not go astray with the hot blood.

  • Anilkumar

    When Govt is inapt, Law fails, Judiciary helpless & Politicians exploit. Media is bound to act and should support People – Arnab is Fantastic, Frank & Assertive not like Karan, Rajdeep, Barkha etc sycophants of Congress always demonstrate Hypocrisy & dilute the real issues to favor Govt’s senseless & shameless policies.

  • Manish Bakshi

    Arnab is indeed a peoples voice, Barkha dutt the whole nation needs an answer on radias tape, Mr.Rajdeep please first finish your crocodile tears on the shoulders of Godra Victims. The nation and its people understands very well your “shoddy journalism”.

  • HMJ

    man made disaster in uttrakhand
    QUOTE -
    *”Power will go to rascals, rogues, freebooters. . . .
    All leaders will be of low caliber & men of straw. . .
    They’ll have sweet tongues & silly hearts. . .
    They will fight amongst themselves for power & the two countries will be
    lost in political squabbles. . . .
    A day would come when even air & water will be taxed.

    LONDON . U K