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1 of the proud columnists of URT, former co-editor of URT Tamil, amateur musician, Real Harris Jayaraj devotee, UnReal T. Rajendar fanatic, passionate about stopping female foeticide.

  • Mahendra

    Ha Ha Ha… By Adding Arnab Goswami …this has reached another level

    • Ashwin

      thanks :)

  • Andy


  • kiran

    Maaaan, you know Telugu pretty well. Liked that TTD comment. Liked other comments too..Arnab’s is pretty cool too..Good stuff..

    • Ashwin

      haha ..I dunno Telugu :D just took a wild guess !! thanks :)

  • Jitendra Desai

    Great fun this “Srinimama” and IPL ! Happy new year to all at UnrealTimes.May we have more fun through 2013 and beyond.
    Here are few more thoughts on IPL after aforesaid ODI.

    Lalit Modi – stop it or await my next expose – Shilpa Shetty,Shane Warn and 100 others like it

    Shahrukh Khan – If you hire Junaid,I will hire Irfan and Ajmal
    -Zardari,Bilaval,Ishant Sharma,Saurav Ganguli,Waqar Yunus like it

    Sahara Shri – Take back Pune, Shivaji and other warriors
    – Yuvi likes it
    Sachin – Can I re-retire? – Neetaji,Bhajji and 20 others like it

    • Ashwin

      haha..thanks JD :)

  • The Ultimate CSK fan

    :) Too good, ashwin
    the continuity u maintained in this piece is really worth appreciating.

    • Ashwin

      thanks CSK fan :)


    Arnab and Abhijeet Mukherjee were too good..cant stop laughing

    • Ashwin

      thank you ! :)