UTLeaks cable: After “Modzilla” for Modi, codewords used by US for other Indian celebrities revealed


After a Wikileaks cable revealed  that US diplomats used the codeword “Modzilla” to refer to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, its closest competitor and arch-rival, UTLeaks, headed by secret agent 01, better known as Boolean Assinghe, of Sri Lankan origin (also referred to as Boolean Asinghame in Tamil Nadu) swung into action quickly, uncovering a lot more than one keyword. Thanks to Assinghe, The UnReal Times brings to you all, an exclusive UTLeaks Cable, containing this confidential piece of information:

Ashwin Kumar

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1 of the proud columnists of URT, former co-editor of URT Tamil, amateur musician, Real Harris Jayaraj devotee, UnReal T. Rajendar fanatic, passionate about stopping female foeticide.

  • Senthilkumar

    International Explorer – Prathiba patil.. Awesome.. :D

    • http://ashwinsatirekumar.blogspot.com Ashwin

      thank you :)

  • Tejaswi K.R

    LOLZ! ‘The Incredible Bulk’ was the best da! But for Digvijay Singh, ‘Joker’ is’nt enough…How about ‘Congaroo’ as he is always in the pouch of Rahul and Sonia Gandhi???? :D

    • http://ashwinsatirekumar.blogspot.com Ashwin

      haha ..thanks da :)

  • The Ultimate CSK fan

    Haha! Ashwin, Nice theme UTleaks!
    Best part- Incredible bulk:) haha
    nice suggestion by tejaswini as well:)

    • http://ashwinsatirekumar.blogspot.com Ashwin

      thanks CSK fan ..it’s Tejaswi btw

  • Amit Kumar Jha

    “Sperminator — N.D. Tiwari”

    The above one is classic.

    • http://ashwinsatirekumar.blogspot.com Ashwin

      haha ..credit to columnist Srini Chandra for that joke :)

  • Andy

    Shamless Bond 000 (from zero loss theory)!!! Cooool

    • http://ashwinsatirekumar.blogspot.com Ashwin

      thanks !! :)

  • Jitendra Desai

    Modzilla,Sperminator…. what imagination dear Ashwin.Compliments.

    • http://ashwinsatirekumar.blogspot.com Ashwin

      JD ..Modzilla is an ACTUAL name, given by US diplomats :) ..not unreal :) ..

      Credit for “Sperminator” goes to columnist Srini ..it’s his joke :)

  • Aman

    Black Sparrow: Mr. M Karunanidhi

  • Ajith

    But I still feel Joker is too for diggy dog