Indian system to be shifted urgently to Singapore for treatment


In a unanimous decision taken late last night, it has been decided to shift the Indian system to Singapore for emergency treatment. The system, that includes the polity, administration and a representative set of the citizens, is expected to recover much faster in Singapore than in India.

“The system, a victim of brutal abuse, is in critical condition and has been on life-support for quite some time. Vital organs of the system like the Home Ministry, police force, bureaucracy and judiciary have completely failed. Several parts within this system are infected by a nervous disorder characterized by rampant insensitivity, and the infection is spreading rapidly to other areas as well. Since the system doesn’t seem to respond to treatment within the country, we have decided to move it to Singapore for treatment,” said a resident of Delhi. A team of Indian citizens will be accompanying the patient to Singapore to brief officials there about its condition, prior to treatment.

Citizens say that the move to shift the patient to Singapore was purely an apolitical one. Billions of prayers are being offered all over the country, for the patient’s speedy recovery. On its part, the Indian system is being extremely brave and has shown clear signs that it wants to survive, despite the trauma it has caused undergone so far.

Ashwin Kumar

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  • rohit

    Don’t expect d same fate of Nirbhaya for Indian politics

  • Vishwajeet

    Absolutely brilliant, I’ve always enjoyed your satire! :)

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    Amazing satire u hav come up with

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  • Tejaswi K.R

    Another important decision that is likely to be implemented tonight is the shifting of the parliament, all its committees and the entire governance of the country to Italy……

    • Ashwin

      haha ..hasn’t that happened already? :D

  • The Ultimate CSK fan

    Vital organs like ……… Have failed..
    :) EPIC

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  • soumyo

    Classic example of reading between the lines….there’s hope in this Pandora’s box….

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    Brilliant Article…

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    Excellent, right from the title.

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    Dude..write something on Nithyananda… :)

  • Prabakar

    Good one…more thought provoking than humourous.

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  • Pattabhi Raman

    Remarkably real.. wish it could be done..but perhaps, like the Braveheart, the system also may give up its ghost…