In Pictures: The Akbaruddin Owaisi story behind the scenes


The Akbaruddin Owaisi hate-speech sent shock-waves through social media and eventually made its way to the mainstream media as well. A lot has been said and discussed about the incident and its consequences, but what actually happened behind the scenes? The UnReal Times correspondent Atul Baskarbe brings you the inside story:



















Ashwin Kumar

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  • Rachit

    Superb. One with TN youth congress was simply great!!! Gr8 work

    • Ashwin

      thank you :)

  • Hari

    Awesome.I think this mst be the real case..

    • Ashwin

      haha ..thanks :)

  • Vignesh

    Was good…but could hv avoided Arnab here… He is against ppl like Owaisi…I guess u didnt see yesday’s newshour featuring Subramanian swamy…

    • Unreal Mama

      We agree. Updated it.

  • ankit

    last pic was damn hilarious

    • Ashwin

      thanks :)

  • Lallu

    Ashwin thambi! You removed Arnab. Why sudden change of heart? Its a positive loss not a zero loss anymore.

    • Ashwin

      Check out the 5th and 6th comments ..

      • Lallu

        Unbelievable! An unbiased media reporter? That’s a first.

  • Sagar

    Man, this is what must have happened… Worse, I think, Shinde ji must have told Ass-aaram to make the tom foolerish statement…. :P

  • ML

    brilliant & fastpaced, Ashwin. ur tribe will make main stream media reduntant

    • Ashwin

      thank you ! :)

  • vijay

    brilliant..but too realistic that some ppl mite not even recognise this as satire :)

    • Ashwin

      thank you !! :)

  • Anand

    I knew something was coming abt the TN youth congress, but Owais Shah! that was epic..LOL

    • Ashwin

      thank you !!! :)

  • Harish

    Did you make the part up about Rahul’s tomato ketchup statement or is it true? I searched the news and could not find anything on this…

    • Ashwin

      Yes…I made it up, inspired by Rahul’s recent statement about potatoes costing Rs.3

  • Ullu Banati

    Wow Ashwin, this was top class. It took me some time to understand the pic of Owais Shah in the end cos I could not identify him.

    But on a serious note, a lot of us believe that this is indeed what happened behind the scenes. What Asaram Bapu said was not all that obnoxious that it deserved a full day coverage cos on the same day Jamait-ul-Islami submitted a proposal to GoI asking to ban co-education and live in relationships inter alia. That was hardly shown as passing news. I don’t think any news channel has actually shown what Owaisi had said. Most of the media only talks about hate speech of Owaisi without actually telling the viewer what exactly it was about…..same is true for Dhule riots, same was true for Assam riots, same was true for Lucknow arson.

    I know yours is a satire based website but you know what Ashwin? Sometimes you come very close to the real truth — like today. Today’s satire seems straight from your heart.

    • Ashwin

      haha ……thanks :)

  • Ajay

    If Advani or Modi had been given this kind of speech against muslims …just imagine what reaction Muslims would have given and what reaction Congress would have given and what reaction supreme court would have given. Time to Think…..

  • Jaisingh Thakur

    Having put this scoundrel behind bars, please ensure that he remains there and continues to enjoy the hospitality of the jail authorities for as much long a time duration as is permitted under the Indian Penal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure.There are certain elements in our society whose freedom and very exisence is detrimental to the freedom and existence of a very large section of the innocent society. Mr owaisi ranks among the topmost in the list of asuch persons !

  • Andy

    TN Youth Congress is amazing!!!

  • Aditya


  • gokul

    Now this guy is out on bail and media hardly talks about it…the government obviously doesn’t care because they have come to a irrevokable compromise…had it been any common man he would have ended up in a pathetic situation without even knowing what is happening with him in which jail?

    Hats off