PMO’s strong denunciation of Pak mutilation of Indian jawans shocks 10 Pakistani soldiers to death


A strongly worded message from the Prime Minister’s Office, denouncing the dastardly incursion of Pakistani commandos into Indian territory to behead two Indian soldiers by calling it ‘objectionable’, has shocked 10 Pakistani soldiers and sent them to their maker.

The 10 soldiers from the Baloch regiment were patrolling the LoC in the Uri sector of the Valley when they heard news over the radio of the official Indian reaction and collapsed in shock, confirmed Pakistani military spokesperson, Major General Naseerullah Bhatti. The Pakistani Foreign Office has summoned the Indian Deputy High Commissioner and handed a protest note over the latest incident, calling the PMO’s statement provocative, escalatory and uncalled for.

The United States has expressed concern over the latest incident. “We urge the Indian leaders to stop issuing statements that can result in more Pakistani casualties and trigger a major military conflagration,”  State Department spokesperson, Victoria Nuland, told reporters. The US has advised India to invite Pakistan for a Test series to lower temperatures and keep the peace process intact. “We hear your team’s form has slumped. A 3-0 Test series defeat at the hands of the Pakistanis will boost the Pakistan Army’s morale so that they can focus on assisting us in finishing the bad guys in the Af-Pak region rather than coming after your guys,” counselled the American spokesperson.

An official spokesperson from the government said that all options are on the table in responding to the latest Pakistani provocation including calling off the bilateral dialogue so as to abruptly restart it later, getting Arnab to hector more retired Pakistani Generals in front of the cameras, and summoning the Pakistan High Commissioner for a dressing down by Dr. Manmohan Singh.

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  • Arnab

    Decapitation and mutilation is not something people should be making fun about.
    Disappointed with URT

  • Sankar

    This place would have been better off without this article. An error of judgement, no doubt…

  • roushan abhishek

    @arnab…d article is not fun of decapitation and mutilation done by pakis..but about mild reaction of PMO office of india

  • Sankar

    @roushan – yes sir, it is completely about the so-called ‘mild’ reaction of the PMO.

    However, the point of contention is on the ISSUE over which the reaction was expressed. Not so mild after all, is it…

  • Rohit

    @Sankar @arnab cant see what’s wrong with this article… its more about the insipid reaction from India (not for the first time) than the actual gruesome act… I think the satire is spot on. While the Pakis are beheading our soldiers, we’re scheduling silly cricket matches. Shame on this govt

  • Aman

    Its satire after all. You don’t have to laugh at it. It is definitely a serious issue and the important point is the mild reaction from Indian government. The govt. is pathetic.

  • Andy

    I thought MMS should have responded to this. Wait a minute. It is HORRIBLE to imagine the response. It could be either a silence or theek hai.

    Shame on Indian government

  • Mama’s Fan

    Not funny.

  • Kartik

    The article was not written in jest. It’s a thinly veiled criticism of the spineless & impassive Indian govt. Even, Indian citizenry, should be ashamed that it enjoys Indo-Pak clashes in cricket while our soldiers are dishonorably killed. Defeating Pak in the World cup is no substitute for their unprovoked aggression….wake up, my delusional brothers!!!

  • Freedune

    In related news, it was reported that the Foreign Minister of India, Mr. Salman Khurshid, sent a strongly worded letter of protest to Pakistan cautioning it against escalating the matter of the two deaths any further.

    As understood from Ministry sources, the Minister took a surprisingly bold step in drafting the letter in Arial Bold font, size 14, and made deliberate and liberal use of underline, double underline and 1.5 line spacing. If our sources are to be believed, the letter even had three instances of the phrase “we firmly believe”, and two each of “we strongly object” and “we will continue to hold”.

    At the time of going to press, diplomatic circles were abuzz with chatter about whether the Minister should have opted for red ink, and if words like “contempt” would have been seen as an act of unwarranted aggression, leading to a disproportionate response.

  • anup

    it’s shocking that people like arnab and sankar (the so called educated people in india with access to the internet) have such difficulty comprehending a simple article and grasp what it’s talking about. you guys are typical of the rot that this country has seen; you are simply clueless and are apologists for everything straight talking person. i pity you

  • rohit

    I strongly condemn Arnab and Sankar’s condemnation of this article

  • Raxhas

    I strongly condemn Anup and Rohit condemning Arnab and Sankar’s condemnation of the article. I also strongly condemn the delay in the condemnation of the condemnation which has been delayed for over one day.

    PS. As if anybody cares what you or I think. Everybody is entitled to his opinion after all. TC and