In Pictures: How the Indian government intimidated Pakistan at LoC


The Indian government’s insipid response to Pakistan’s barbaric actions has left the nation seething. But due to some highly unexpected events, the government eventually managed to provide Pakistan with an aggressive response. What caused the government to become aggressive all of a sudden? The UnReal Times photographer Atul Baskarbe brings us the story in pictures, from the LoC:
























Ashwin Kumar

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  • KP

    Some things better be taboo for satire/sarcasm…
    Terrorist (paki army is a terrorist group…) killing of our soldiers have left many Indians in pain, URT could have avoided ‘funny’ articles on this incident.
    PS: I am not sarcasm “challenged”.

    • Amresh

      Well KP while i share the pain, pl note that the satire is on the response of the Govt to this situation in particular and also in general.
      Would say gr8 work URT, just love your sense of humor.

  • A Iyer


    Two soldiers are dead. its inappropriate make light of it.

    The 1st image reads ‘Pak troops mutilate bodies of soldiers’

    I am a fan but Pls. show some restraint.

  • Andy

    By this article URT brought the issue of how government handles its own peaceful protesting citizen and the enemy who kills indians.

    I think URT has done an amazing job on this sensitive topic. Great work guys.

    • Ashwin

      thanks Andy !! You’ve perfectly mentioned the objective of the post !

  • Raj Kumar

    Laughing has no end on this.

    Raj Kumar

  • RP

    Some times unreal times jokes seems real…………gud work…….

  • Ssf

    URT good job , and yeah i respect the sentiments of those who say URT should refrain from this issue , I would say URT isnt belittling The death of two Jawans , I would say its a way of infact recognizing what they have acheived and given us and whatever our govt. is doing is just gross injustice to their martyrdom

  • Shetal

    This one was not funny! And this comes from a fan! Stay off sensitive issues.

    • Santa

      Sure this one was not funny. A satire doesn’t needs to be funny every time.

  • Jee

    Unbelievable fun man….laughed, laughed and laughed…

    Exceptional one…

    • Jee

      Where u did you get the photo of salman khursid?