CNBC’s Udayan Mukherjee talks to Hafiz Saeed, Abhijit Mukherjee, Vadra about Mallya’s KFA bailout


Vijay Mallya, Chairman of Kingfisher Airlines, whose flying permit expired recently, has been in talks with potential investors to bail out his airline. Finally, Udayan Mukherjee and Mitali Mukherjee of CNBC TV 18 took it upon themselves to speak to various potential investors to see if any deal was in the offing. The UnReal Times bring you the exclusive details of the conversion that took place.

Mitali Mukherjee: Good morning Mr. Tulsian. What is your view on Kingfisher Airlines?

S P Tulsian: Good morning Mitali, I am very positive on Kingfisher Airlines.

Udayan Mukherjee: Mr. Tulsian. Please stand by while we introduce our other panelists and potential investors if KFA. Joining us is Jet Airways chairman Mr. Naresh Goyal, Member of Parliament Abhijeet Mukherjee, Businessman Robert Vadra and Chairman of various outfits in Pakistan Hafiz Saeed. Good morning to you all gentlemen.

Mitali Mukherjee: So let us start with you Mr. Goyal. Sir, are you planning to acquire stake in Kingfisher Airlines?

Naresh Goyal: What a silly question? I am desperately looking for someone to offload stake in Jet Airways and you ask me whether I am looking to buy into Kingfisher Airlines.

Udayan Mukherjee (turns to Mukherjee)Mr. Abhijeet Mukherjee. Given your two and half decades of executive experience in blue chip companies like Maruti Suzuki, BHEL and SAIL and now as a MLA and MP, do you think that Air India should buy stake in Kingfisher Airlines?

Mitali Mukherjee: Wow, sir. You have worked for 3 Sensex companies; your opinion has a lot of value.

Abhijeet Mukherjee: No, I am firmly opposed to Air India buying stake in Kingfisher Airlines.

Mitali Mukherjee: Why sir? You are uncomfortable with the magnitude of problems with Kingfisher’s balance sheet?

Abhijeet Mukherjee: No. It is because the Kingfisher Airlines airhostesses are painted and dented and they are protesting against their management.

Udayan Mukherjee (stares blankly at Abhijeet, before turning to Vadra): Mr. Robert Vadra, are you contemplating buying stake in this company?

Robert Vadra: Udayan, you have a good sense of humor. My endeavor is to convert 50 lakhs to 300 crores and not the other way around.

Udayan Mukherjee (turns to Saeed): Shri Hafiz Saeed, over to you. Now that the government has cleared FDI in aviation and moreover given that our Home Minister Shri Sushil Kumar Shinde has said that terrorists are investing in the Indian stock market, are you contemplating picking a stake in Kingfisher Airlines?

Hafiz Saeed: Udayan, normally I do not comment on market rumors. But I will make an exception this time. It is true that I am a big risk taker and have invested in very risky endeavors throughout the globe. But investing in Kingfisher Airlines is too risky even by my standards.

Udayan Mukherjee: Thank you gentlemen for your time. All of you have a great day ahead.

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