The Insane Comments Derby


There has been a spate of people doing insane things and making insane comments these days. It’s like these guys are in a contest of who’s more outrageous than the other. Given the flurry of activity, it must be confusing to keep track of the players and their chances of winning. Here’s a handy guide to help you keep track of the horses and their chances of winning the “Insane Comments Derby.”

(Reproduced with permission from ‘What ho!‘. Srini Chandra is the author of spiritual bestseller ‘3 lives‘)

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  • Andy

    The king of all horses and the horse of all king!!!

  • TheQuestion

    Another serious contender: Shri Sushil Kumar Shinde, the honourable Home minister of India. While his comments are insane, it also has the dubious distinction of bordering on the dangerous! More than humour, his comments provoke anger.

  • Andy

    Nitin Gadkari: Nobody knows how he was selected for the race. Will be there at least 2 races. Can boost his performance by combining vivekananda and dawood.