Major crisis at after hard-drive containing bikini pictures crashes


Popular wallpaper news portal is facing its worst crisis since the dot com bubble burst, after its 10 TB hard-drive containing titillating pictures of Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities crashed, and remained inaccessible despite repeated attempts by the dot-com company’s IT team. Within hours, traffic to the portal plummeted, as frustrated surfers clicked their browsers shut and returned to the mind numbing work at their offices after being denied their daily dose of oxygen.

“It was scary man. I typed in in my address bar, hoping to check out some hot celebrity for a few seconds. Instead I found Manmohan Singh’s wooden face staring back at me. WTF! And just when I thought the day couldn’t get any worse, I got a dressing down from my boss for some arbitrary thing,” exclaimed Arjun Shetty, a software developer working at Infosys.

“Have been in a bad mood all day today yaar.  Hope these guys get their act together soon,” said Sreeji Das, project manager at Infosys and Arjun Shetty’s superior. Even Corporate Inc. has lodged a complaint with Rediff for the glitch. “Rediff’s flagship format, the slide show featuring nubile Bollywood beauties in various states of undress, helps us cope with tedious post lunch work hours. If Rediff doesn’t fix the glitch, office productivity could hit a new low,” said FICCI in a press release.

Rediff is now scrambling to put together its store of bikini pics afresh, and has already reached out to celebrity photographer Atul Kasbekar and under-grad students of all the major universities across the country. Rediff CEO, Ajit Balakrishan, has apologized to readers and assured that his company will institute preventive measures to avoid repeat of such an incident.

In unrelated news, Times of India saw a sudden spurt in circulation of its daily across most cities in India.

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  • Sankar

    “In unrelated news, Times of India saw a sudden spurt in circulation of its daily across most cities in India”

    Classic :D

  • Arun Madhav

    LOLZ, its a cheap website trying to be a news publishing company. Despite having a rediffmail acct, I love to not love rediff..