UTLeaks: Sonia Gandhi’s remote control revealed

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UTLeaks Secret Agent 01 a.k.a Boolean Assinghe a.k.a Boolean Assinghame (in Tamil Nadu) managed to intercept yet another top secret communication between Japanese researcher on TV equipment, Tashiko Yavawa and the Japanese government about Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s TV remote, which we duly present here:

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  • Andy

    LOL. Cool ones. Manmohan singh, Mulayam singh, Digvijay singh and yes CBI

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  • KP

    LoL LoL LoL!! Diggy – WooF!…u have “cruel” sense of humour ;)

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  • Santosh

    Good one . Is the button 8 dis-functional ?.

    • http://ashwinsatirekumar.blogspot.com Ashwin

      thanks :) hehe ..yes

  • manga madayan

    superb. pretty much every button is apt. loved the 0-sibal, woof-diggy and mute mms. amazing coincidence of reality!

    • http://ashwinsatirekumar.blogspot.com Ashwin

      thank you !!! :)

  • Mamta

    Diggy= woof!! The best…overall its awesome hahaha

  • Freedune

    ’8′ is actually secret. It stands for ‘Ottavio’. Don’t tell anyone.

  • Dude

    Where is the button for Veteran Politician Karunanidhi and Family?.