Manmohan Singh asks detractors to cut him some slack, claims he can emote better than John Abraham


Finally breaking his silence over mounting criticism of his wooden public demeanour and apparent lack of emoting skills, Dr. Manmohan Singh lashed out his detractors. “Cut me some slack here, guys,” screeched the otherwise soft-spoken PM, “at least I can emote much better than John Abraham.”

Dr. Singh contends that surely if John can enjoy a thriving ‘acting’ career, why he can’t be given the benefit of the doubt when it comes to public speaking. Dr. Singh said that he can match John’s brawn with his brain and he too has a loyal fan following among the fairer sex. “The 2011 Census should capture at least 5 to 10 female fans who consider my speeches to be sexy,” maintained Dr. Singh.

The PMO has released a portfolio of pictures of Dr. Singh and his rival in various poses and expressions to underscore Dr. Singh’s claim of being a better actor:

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