Sushma Swaraj advises ManU’s Robin Van Persie to score 10 headers for each header scored by opponent


Manchester United had a special motivational visitor this week in none other than India’s senior opposition leader Mrs.Sushma Swaraj. The BJP leader spent some quality time with Sir Alex Ferguson and ManU’s key striker, Robin Van Persie.

Mrs.Swaraj’s highly passionate and high-decibel speech stirred up the players as well as Sir Ferguson, who had never witnessed such a speech ever. “Man, I was just thinking I’d need to imbibe certain aspects of Barack Obama’s speeches to talk to my boys before every match, but now I surely have to rethink. Perhaps I’ll ask my cable operator to provide me with Lok Sabha TV instead, so that I can see her speeches from time to time. This woman’s unbelievable!”

ManU striker Robin Van Persie, who has had an unbelievable season so far, said, “It was amazing. She told me that for every header scored by the opponent, I have to score 10 headers! This is the kinda motivation people dream of getting. This is surely gonna make me perform better and better in the upcoming games. Thank you, Mrs.Swaraj ”

The team, was also later addressed by the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who told them “This is an important tournament. It cannot be business as usual with the other teams. Theek Hai?”

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