In Pictures: Chintan Shivir, Rahul Gandhi’s Vice President nomination and more


The Congress party’s ongoing “Chintan Shivir” event at Jaipur generated much buzz when it was announced that the Nehru-Gandhi scion Rahul Gandhi was appointed as the party’s Vice President. What led to such a turn of events at the program? Also, how did the BJP react to this development? From the Congress and the BJP camps, The UnReal Times correspondents Rajniti Sarkarwala and Atul Baskarbe exclusively bring you the inside scoop:
























Ashwin Kumar

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  • Amar

    Killler SHOT: “Chinta nahi karne ka, chintan shivir dekhne ka!!”

    • Ashwin

      thanks :)

  • Gursimrat Singh Khalsa

    The moment any important political event occurs, I check unrealtimes for your comments! Keeps one in good humor in these depressing times.

    • Ashwin

      thank you :)

  • KP

    Killing 2 birds with one stone (pic series)… :D

    • Ashwin

      thank you !! :)

  • TheQuestion

    Dunno how you manage to get the pictures, but you do a brilliant job!!

    The last picture is priceless! Our good old Prime Minister is still wondering if its ok to laugh and giving out a miffed one!

    And I am sure one of your UnReal editors have a hand in Gadkari taking a Samosa break!! :D

    • Ashwin

      hehe …thank you :)

  • Andy

    Very true, the final laugh is with congress and not with BJP!!!
    But people are very clever!!!

    • Ashwin


  • Rupesh

    “Which is the most useless high sounding title we have ? Umm..Hamid Ji..What are you again ? “”Vice President Madam”.. killed it Bro..

    • Ashwin

      thank you !!! :)

  • Deepak K Alevoor

    +1 to rupesh, Just brilliant satire

    • Ashwin

      thank you !!!! :)

  • Sharan

    A fantastic satire!!! Kudos to you man :-)

    • Ashwin

      thank you ….. :)

  • Rachana

    maza aa gaya Ashwin !! :)

    • Ashwin

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  • Kevin Lobo

    I rarely leave comments on websites. But dude you are outstanding, and your need a literary prize for all the a hilarious articles over the past months.

    • Ashwin

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  • Suresh P

    Unbelievable.The last one was the cream on the cake!

  • Azmat Khan

    Ashwin, your collection of the pics is unmatched. Amazing…keep up the good work. It was really hilarious!!!

  • vishal

    Pranav Mukharjee is no more part of Congress party … and din’t or will not any congress shivirs hence in future. Probably that change you would like to make.

  • Andy

    I think BJP might have read this, they have changed their president from Gadkari to Rajnath.