Vishwaroopam ban: Drama plays out on Kamal Haasan’s Facebook Wall


The jury is out on how good a movie Vishwaroopam is, but a far more compelling drama is being played out off-screen, especially on Kamal’s Facebook Wall. The South Indian legend was kind enough to share snapshots of his Wall with The Unreal Times in the interests of melodrama and masala entertainment:

(With inputs from the Unreal Team)

Hitler Swamy

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  • Krr

    BTW, Kamal’s family & Chidambaram’s family have known each other even before Kamal was born. So the ‘drink’ comment does not hold.
    Kamal has said many-a-times he does not want to work in bollywood.
    You seem to have read the ‘situation’ wrong.
    This seems to be far too unreal. Too unreal to even be on URT

    • rajan

      Having known the family need not result in saying PC can be the next PM..might be the drink u know :)

  • Purple

    “Dei, its live footage of you guys only”
    Ha ha ha.. Too good!!:D

  • Hitler Swamy

    Krr, its all about interpreting situations a bit abnormally :)

    Purple, Thanks for your comments. Thanks to Unreal Mama for additional inputs.

  • Jayant Yadav

    Who is this Amit Singh ? I may be ignorant but is he popular is some manner ?

  • Sarpanch

    Good stuff, but I seriously wished for a Gabden Vijaykanth intervention.
    Probably he was too busy handling “baagisdan deevravadhis” to comment on these trivial matters.

  • Ram Kumar

    Hitler Mama: You are depicting via the last comment that the film is boring. Have you seen the film? If you don’t understand it, better don’t talk about it. In the name of satire and humor, don’t write crap. If you don’t like the film, don’t watch the movie. I think may be you are not good enough to understand the film.

    • rajan

      Cool down Mr.jingoistic fanboy..this is a satire site and the guy who writes the satire has the right to say his opinion. Instead of barking here why not write a satire which will also tell abt how good the movie is.And yes many are not good enough to understand movies..ajith fans think u cant understand asal,vijay fans think u cant get kuruvi..and shakeela fans think…well u know the list goes on :)

    • Unreal Mama

      Actually, the last bit was the editor’s addition :) Hitler himself is a hardcore Kamal fan (incidentally we are as well). But when has admiration for someone ever come in the way of pulling someone’s leg? :) Chill dude.

    • Tushar Ray

      Ram Kumar guys really need some counseling….this piece is just a funny satire man.

    • Bahadur Nahar

      Yaar Ram Kumar, just saw the movie and its quite dumb. Portions from True Lies, hackneyed plot..its like watching a D grade Hollywood action flick.
      Kamal has done better work than this or maybe he is past his prime. Happens with everyone including the great Tendulkar. In any case, if you don’t find Hitler’s dig at the movie funny, you can disagree without being abrasive.

  • santhosh sivaram

    WELL life is like that this shows te humor part best wishes …

  • Hitler Swamy

    Ram, this ison a lighter vein.
    Nothing serious here :) or probably I had a chance to take a dig at
    How folks misnterpret Kamal’s genius.

    Thanks Rajan, Santosh, Sarpanch for stopping by :)

  • Ram Kumar

    For all the people who had commented here, I have nothing personal against this site or your articles. In fact two of your site’s journalists are my friends. All the points in this article are fine except that one point where you guys overshot the satire.

    Rajan is comparing my comment on Kamal with Shakeela fans. So Mr, Tushar, please tell me who needs counselling? I am not an idiot to misunderstand humor and satire as real criticism. My point is very simple. In the name of satire, none of you have whole and sole rights to criticize a movie’s quality without watching or understanding it. Accept your mistakes honestly rather than ranting about it or escaping under the name that this is all humor and satire.

    Rajan, Yes I am a fanboy. A proud Kamal fanboy. It is better to be his fan rather than me also saying in a mainstream fashion that “Hey, what a great satire article”. “Fanboy” itself is a word which came from US where they used to call a fan of a person/thing in a low level. Why can’t you call me as just a fan or a follower? This shows that how a “Mainstream Spoil” you are. How about the name “Mainstream Spoil”? Sounds good? Satire oozing out if it?

    Hitler Swamy: When the film itself is facing more issues which are not relevant, if people don’t understand your comment in the right sense, they will go and say to others that the film is not good without seeing it. I can understand your comment. But, not everyone. You should have some basic responsibility before writing such comments.

  • Prashant Sahay

    @Unreal Mama : … ever considered blocking / flagging extremist comments ? Guess with the kind of extreme intolerence shown by our polticians and now by some over enthusiatic readers, you might think of it !

    – a humble UT reader

    • Shreyas


  • Prashant Sahay

    Makes me count days when even my breathing will be considered an act of offence to some ardent fans !

  • Vj

    Amitabh’s comment on Bankcruptcy and Vijay Mallya’s like were the highlights…Good one…

  • N. SEKAR

    I particularly liked Arnab Goswami’s question and Kamal’s answer. According to me Spoof at its Best! Keep up the good work. We need to laugh a lot at ourselves and our society.
    N. Sekar.

  • Hitler Swamy

    Thanks Vj, Sekar for stopping by..!

  • anonymous

    Everything looks grt except that you have charu hassan’s pic instead of chandra hassan.