Reactions to Narendra Modi’s SRCC speech on Facebook


Modi’s speech outlining his vision for India’s development at Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) in New Delhi drew varied reactions from the polity and comparisons with Rahul Gandhi’s coming of age speech at the Chintan Shivir. Our political editor, Rajniiti Sarkarwala, tracked these reactions on NaMo’s FB wall:

(With inputs from columnists Ajayendar Reddy and Ashwin Kumar)

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Ek chatur naar badee hoshiyaar, apane hee jaal me phasat jaat ham hasat jaat are ho ho ho ho ho!

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    URT team, You got it wrong as well. P2G2 is Pro People Good Governance.

    • Unreal Mama

      Eeks! Got rid of the typo. Thanks for the heads up :)

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  • Suresh Rajagopal

    Lovely! Hilarious and thought provoking!

  • MJ

    Durkha Butt to her chosen panel:- The point is, what do Gujarat Muslims feel about all this?

  • UnReal Machan

    Somewhat funny :|

  • Gursimrat Singh Khalsa

    Mamaji rules! Mamaji for PM!

  • Hitler Swamy

    Would have liked more of Arindham vs Modi … LOL!

  • Shetal

    The website appears to be pro-Modi and that is a good thing. For once somebody’s encouranging common sense!

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    Very nice!

  • Srinivas

    Shri Rahul College of Congress (SRCC) would be more appropriate in these times of Rahul Vs Modi for PM debate!

  • Madhu

    Nobody mentioned 2002 Gujarat riot, so it is unbelievable :)
    (Where ever and when ever “MODI”, comes there should be 2002, it is common practice now a days, then only we will believe ! )

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    Superb. “.. and their bulls too.”.. ROFL

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    Milk bulls LOL

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    Wonderful one Mama

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    P2-G2 – Progeny to Progeny, Gandhi to Gandhi . :)

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    I almost rofled looking at Manmohan’s comment on Sonia’s status! Too Good!

  • Jitendra

    I donot consider Modi as communal. He is a Good Manager who can take up to 21st century.Those who say so are playing politics of Divide and Rule


  • Vijay Bhatt

    Very Interesting lecture

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    hi jigar b patel

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    superb! so sharp! :)

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    Modi is the most talented leader of India in our times. Hail Modi!
    btw goodwork URT.

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  • LOL

    OMG. I begin to wonder if this site is really neutral, or may be there are pages on Gujarat violence and the fiasco around the arrest of Sanjiv Bhatt that I am yet to see

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    modi angar hai rahul bangar hai

  • ramnarayan yadav

    modi please come delhi