Conscience of a liberal: Why I don’t want Narendra Modi as PM of India


Ok, I concede that Narendra Modi is a good orator, but so was Hitler. His supporters credit him with creating a business friendly environment in Gujarat which has placed the state on a high growth trajectory. Then how come I saw some urchins while driving on the roads of Ahmedabad? Why is malnutrition so high? Why does Gujarat not have beautiful scenery like Switzerland? The fact is the growth of the Gujarati economy is neither inclusive nor sustainable, and I’m not even bringing the 2002 riots into the equation.

Some say Modi has a proven track record as a leader and an administrator. That may be so but such statements cannot be taken at face value – he is neither a Nehru-Gandhi scion nor a handpicked nominee of the first family. Therefore, we must examine every aspect of his personality with a magnifying glass and highlight egregious character flaws. Let me list a few that some of my left-liberal (or is it pro-Congress?) colleagues may have left out:

His date of birth: Modi was born on 17th September, 1950. Now, one doesn’t have to be a historian to tell you that he was born a good three years after India became independent and months after India became a republic. This clearly highlights some traits in him – his selfishness, intolerance and his disdain for the Constitution of India.

Being born a good three years after independence indicates his unwillingness to fight for the country and inability to make any sort of sacrifice for fellow Indians. More importantly, he did not want to be born till Pakistan was formed so that India had a smaller population of Muslims to deal with – a clear indication of his intolerance. Not only that, his birth many months after the Constitution came into force clearly shows that he didn’t want to have any part to play in framing of an Indian Constitution that safeguards the cultural and religious interests of the minorities.

His place of birth: Why was Modi born in Gujarat when he could have been born in any other State? I will tell you why. Look at the map of India and now look carefully at Gujarat. It looks like a mouth – a shark’s mouth. And it is facing our brotherly nation of Pakistan. It clearly shows Modi’s barbarianism towards his brothers, that he is willing to gobble anyone that comes in his way.

But Gujarat didn’t exist in 1950 and it was the state of Bombay, some of you fake-intelligentsia might say. But that is a clear indication of his divisive politics. It just took him 10 years after his birth to split the great state of Bombay and form the state of Gujarat in 1960.

Now look at our map again. It looks like a human body. Now look again, this time carefully. Where is the right hand? While the left hand that represents NE India looks like it is warmly trying to reach out to the neighbours, the right hand that represents Western India is missing. That is because Modi’s Gujarat ate away the hand that feeds it. That is why Gujarat doesn’t have iron ore for steel, coal for power or diamonds to sparkle.

Physical masculinity: Modi often proudly refers to his 56 inch chest. It is clear indication of a man living his life away from reality that he is boasting about his chest while 99% of Gujarat is suffering from malnutrition where as the average malnutrition in India is about 9%. And his preaching of the benefits of Surya Namaskar is directly responsible for size-zero figure of Gujarati woman. His big chest and permanent beard are also clear indications of his misogyny. A man who never shaves can never be trusted with safeguarding the rights of women.

He did not say that power is poison: The most striking image from after the Gujarat Assembly elections last year was that of Modi sharing mithai with his mother. Lost in the euphoria of his victory, most of you missed out the finer aspects of that moment. His mother did not look too happy with Modi’s victory. There were no tears of joy, no poignant words of advice such as ‘Power is Poison’ to humanize the moment. It is known to all that whenever a son is about to get power, his mother cries and says ‘Power is Poison’. But not Modi’s mother. Why? Is it because she knows poison cannot affect an already poisonous man? I will let the readers decide.

Unhealthy obsession with Yoga: Modi never misses an opportunity to proclaim his love for Yoga. But he should have kept it personal. But, no sir. NO, NO, NO! He had to go ahead and conduct a yoga camp for the IAS officers of his State where they were lined up in front of him and made to perform Surya Namaskar. Not withstanding the feelings of minorities towards Yoga and Surya Namaskar, he was clearly making the IAS officers bow down to him on the pretext of doing an asana. Who does he think he is? The Sun God? Once again, clear indication of his authoritarianism.

Bowing down to foreign powers: He often proudly speaks of the reception he got in Japan. It was learnt through reliable sources that he repeatedly bowed to greet them. Now some of you might take the easy route and say it is a tradition in Japan. But he is Modi. And that means there is more to it. It clearly shows he is willing to bow down to foreign powers. It is a sign of his willingness to sell away our country to foreign investors.

Lack of sleep: Modi claims he only sleeps four hours a day. Now seriously, what kind of man sleeps only four hours a day? You don’t need to be a psychologist to observe that he is clearly a man with a disturbed conscience. It was learnt from reliable sources that Modi used to sleep 8-10 hours a day before 2002. You don’t need to be from CID to infer that Modi’s insomnia began after the 2002 riots.

Ajayendar Reddy

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  • yagyesh

    Lol…Nailed it…Just Nailed it. BTW Diggy might use this logic to spream NamoNia.:P

  • Rachana

    good one! :)

  • Ymethink

    I enjoyed the article which began with birth of Narendra Modi in 1950′s and how Gujarat was born to be dry state that remain dry without iron or diamonds. How Suryanamskar is imposed on IAS officers so the malnutrition continue. How Narendra Modi never got divine phrase from her smiling mother that has made Modi a lost uncaring Child who resembles Hitler. Perhaps I missed lack of sleep was the reason that Narendra Modi was exonerated by SITE so whole of Indian Main Stream Media now hate supreme court as a fascist institution.

  • Narendra

    One of the great articles… Raelly enjoyed it..

  • Abhishek

    I hate Narendra Modi.

    This makes me eligible for (pseudo) secular.

    • Shetal


    • Atma Prakash

      Go to hell.. the place uy deserve… alternatively place ruled by Sonia Gandhi alias Edvige Antonia Albina Maino….

  • Madhukar

    Thanks for this great article which reflects the hypocrisy of sickulars…

  • ajay

    one of the best satires…after seeing the title,i thought it to be some intellectual article & just like NaMo supporters,was thinking of voicing my support for NaMo but alas….its a laughter ride

  • ess pandita

    This is excelent one!

  • bluelord

    kudos. it could have many issues taken by his toughly fought elections in gujarat, and how he managed to take all of them head-on.
    what is incredible is that right now, the congress (headed by shankersingh waghela), the GNP (headed by keshubhai patel) and the majority headed by NaMo are all from the BJP.. they just split because they couldn’t make enough money with NaMo around!!!

    so right now the leader as well as opposition is from the BJP… and that should say something about things going right..

  • secular

    internet hindus: modi ji is totally fit to become prime minister of india ,then only we will be able to stop the islamisation if india, with the presence of modi ji then only we will be able to kill muslims peacefully anywhere in india. bharti mittal : modi ji aisa ky hai aap mein?.. matlab aisa kyu hota hai ki saari industrailist gujrat chale aa rahe hai ?,,aap gujrat ke ceo hai aur jald se jald aapko india ka ceo yaani ki prime minister bann jaana chahiye….. ;ambani brothers : we agree with mittal sahab!!! smriti irani (a.k.a tulsi ) : modi ji keval ek maatra aisa moojuda neta hai joo pradhan mantri banne ke yogya hai…modi ji desh ke ithaas mein sabse behtaar pradhan mantri saabit hoonge. praveen togodia : modji yah-dhi pradahn mantri banegey to hum sab millkar bharat mein khuun ki holi kheelengey mohan bhagwat : modi ji keval bharat hi nahi india ke bhi pradhan mantri ban-ne ke saabse kaabil insaan hai… muslim voter : bitches please !!!!!! indian national congress : ROFL!!!!

    • amol

      Okay this comment was funnier than the whole article.

  • Vikas

    This is completely crap of your mind and you can say anything. But why don’t you write for somebody who has done nothing to loot the normal person of this country. He has been doing really great works and should be appreciated not for PM candidature but at least for being true indian.

    • rajan

      Please follow the steps Mr.Vikas

      Step1 : Take dictionary
      Step2 : Find meaning of the word “sarcasm”
      Step3 : Read the article from top again
      Step4 : Realize that this is actually a pro-modi post..feel for ur idiocy and bang your head

  • Shetal

    He may have his issues but he is a ray of hope in a country deep in the dark..

    • Tushar Ray

      Absolutely…rephrase the comment ‘a country deep in the dark..” to “a country in deep smelly shit”

  • Manish Mishra

    Seriously guys, Unreal times is meant to be sarcastingly funny, yet the seriousness and facts in the article are a thousand times valuable, than they are in TOI, Hindustan Times or The Anti-Hindu newspaper.

    Not only you guys rock, but you do have a bright future ahead.

    God bless you.

  • RP

    Secularism in India = Hindu bashing/maligning

  • VS

    Good one..!! You reflected the thoughts of Sagarika Ghose….!! Difference was, when she says, we assume it’s a humor while here we already knew it’s humor. Excellent article.

  • Yes,I am secular

    The author of the article could write this article because his father or brother were not butchered in the riots and his mother or sister were not raped by the rioting goons of bhajrangdal, vhp and other sangh parivar members or by the rioting muslim groups..

    If something like that had happened to him, he would have understood how dangerous it is for a secular country like India to have a person like Modi in the positions of CM etc.

    Support him.. All of you..Support him and make him the PM. Nothing dramatic would happen in the administration. But given a chance, Modi could bring on another godhra or bigger riot at India level. He can as well bring a state of emergency if he faces any opposition.. I hope India never gets such a misfortune.. We need a secular,tolerant, progressive, accommodative PM..

    • Abhishek

      You need treatment – you’re sick! Get well soon.

    • sundeep

      it goes the same with the party in power currently…only inflation is going up no new jobs as no profit for companies,petrol and diesel prices going up, and no elect. in major parts of country. no future planning , no agricultural growth etc.

    • True Desi

      You’re able to write all this because you and your family members didn’t die in the train burnt in godhra, because you’re not a kashmiri pandit, because you’re not a minority in India. And is gujarat in emergency like kashmir and pakistan. Is Gujarat not progressing? What crap are you trying to tell us here.

    • SM

      You could write these words coz when you celebrate paki’z winning, no one objects you. And coz when your leaders eat away handicapped people money, you people support him (and he protects you). And coz you people will never understand the real meaning of being secular, and our netas will call you most secular community. And also coz you people can warn, dare, shout 15-minutes-no-police slogan and pseudo-secular-controlled-police here bares you.

      • INDIAN

        Control man .. this language of yours provokes many people who support india , and foolish people like you keep on commenting about celebrating pakistans victory..grow up, they know that india is their country and they love it too..

    • INDIAN

      yes true, Big No to Modi as he is not the correct person to be the PM of my great country. I believe neither the Congress or BJP can be a bright future to India. We need a person who loves nation not one who creates riots in name of religion.

  • rana

    grt article… it was really so humerous i really enjoyed it…keep on posting such funny articles coz laughing is good for health…. “he did not say that power is poison”…omg i laughed my heart out…he didnt said it coz he knows power can bring happieness n prosperity to people if rightly used…but if used wrongly(as used by writer’s beloved party leader)it can be poisonous to the lives of crores of people…we r still a poor nation fighting of our basics even after 66 yrs of independence who is responsible ..

  • Lohit

    Utter Bullshit…..!!

  • Rakesh Malhotra

    Soch apni apni, Vichar apne apne…………..

  • Pabitra Dey

    want a similar writeup on Rahul Gandhi from ‘the unreal times’ and then want to conclude whether its a ‘great’ masterpiece or not…

    • Andy

      It is pretty tough for URT guys to do what you are asking. It will be more of Real Times!!!

  • Bharat

    Do you have ever seen the situation of Gujarat Government before Narendra Modi came into action? All the govt employees were careless they didnt even cared about their work. Also there was no development. You talking about Malnutrition, but my friend just see the current situation of women, it is far better than before. Also malnutrition is not only current issue, it is since independence but never been brought into discussion before.
    I believe all the point you discussed are just fake and joined with Narendra Modi.

    Jai Hind

    • sundeep

      i am with you, before mr. Narendra Modi came to power or was elected the situation was villages didn’t had power and their was power cut in city also, roads were not good,industries were not coming.and now the situation has changed roads are good and villages get elect. 24/7.and their is progress.

    • Sanjiv

      They are thinking only riot in india is 2002 riots ! But if author is so secularism is nature , why does not he talk abt assam riots or Kashmiri pandit killing in 1989 in which no one get jail. What about 1984 riots , what about riots of 1979 in gujarat? If author can get every detail , then they can understand who are behind riots! Now a day it became fashion to insult eithet hindu god or goddess and get certificate of secular.If they(author) have any courage to right about other people . Narendra Modi became as every one topics for writing . Author are forgetting who first divide nation ? This type Narendra MOdi bashing show level of mentallity of author

  • Prakash

    Ah this article written by some modi fan in guise of satire.Modi a ultimate fasist who killed 2000+ muslims.Kaltju expose modi’s myth of development and malnutration.Now this writer make fun at respected judge like katju.

    • Anand

      I think u r covered under the Khangress 100Crore social media program.How much do you get paid per word.

      • INDIAN

        everytime modi gets a hit, dont think its only from congress..any brainy will understand that modi is a killer..

  • saurabhajena

    R u mad ?
    can i know,who is that idiot who posted it ?

  • jitendra

    what do u want to say….because of beard or taking birth after independence makes him arrogant, selfish, of misogyny!!!!
    u idiot!!!

  • Finance Misappropriator

    I am sure Narendra Modi was Adolf Hitler in his previous birth. I mean look at this: Narendra Modi was born only 5 years after Adolf Hitler killed himself. He must have waited for India to gain independence and the constitution to be written. And then he was born again.

    • niranjan

      lol …. :D


    Hey dudes, pls dont scold the writer. Read carefully, it supports Modi..

  • Mohammad

    guys do u have any other politician who can rule our country in a better way that modi you may say aravind but he said his target will be 2019 not 2014 so we have only modi for 2014 to vote for let us vote for him and give him a chance to develop our country

  • Sharma

    Did Unreal Times copy the heading of the article from the book by PAul Krugman ? No issues, just confirming.

  • Prakash

    What is wrong with modi supporters?This man wrote a spoof and indirectly leg pulling modi detractors and modi supporters about this man.Nonsense leader and his nonsense supporters.

  • Vikrant

    Such an stupid article. base less and senseless reason you are mentioning here. Author get a good reason.

  • RAM



  • jisha_canada

    Haha. awesome article. especially the comments. may i blow you mr. author

    • Bangalore

      You do know what “blow you” means don’t you?

  • sant singh

    this liberal secular are homo sexual who bring out many argument to permit their union, whole liberal sikular ask question 1000 to modi,,has they asked 10 questions to socalled baby amul and his amma sonia,,who is totally illiterate and hypocrate in politics,whole media is full of illiterate bastard who are paid by congres to supress lies and allow lie tobe made history,,whole brigade of congress who are well entrenched in media,uni,always motivated to bark on nationalist,congress failed now totally but communist like socialist kejriwalprasant bhusan like communist are being projected like icon of poor whole communist agenda are being projected thorough media to tarnish bjp modi,,thorough utopian brainwashing,,bullchit congress is totally failed,they are totally declared most corrupt failure and most inefficient hypocrate raper,foreign commision agents,,

    • Bangalore


      If you look at the very top of your browser, the URL in the horizontal bar would say “”.

      What do you think that means?

  • AB

    That shows the intelligence of the people in our country… when they even can’t differentiate between factual article or Sarcasm. Comments are hilarious.

  • Gemmmi

    Amazing that people come to the unreal times and assume the content to be anything but humor. The other day, some opinion poll was suggesting that Modi has a bigger following among the educated. It seems his many of his educated followers cannot even detect satire in a write-up.

  • india police

    modi reflection in his fans, violent as their master

    • pavan

      haha true man…absolutely correct :)

  • Naraismha

    Nice way to proud Narendra Modi and also nice way to convey the message to his opponents that dont make stupid comments at Narendra Modi..

  • Ashu

    Good that ULT has shown its true colors now. It would do you good if you stick to satire.

    • soumyo

      Friend this is satire.

  • pawan thakur

    modi is the rt person for pm no one leader is their to become the pm other than modi and i think that is fake artical

  • Rahul

    Who is this idiot writing totally illogical facts…
    i think every one is afraid of him because he has nothing to do for him self or for his family…
    his only goal to make India a world power… in all sectors.. agriculture, industrial, cultural etc…
    All the person opposing him either corrupt or just afraid of his strict administration…
    they all worry only for their ot their families gains….

    Modi Will lead india to his Glory for Sure
    All Educated people and true indians will Support
    I wish him to be our Next PM and remain for atleast 10 years so that we can come out from the deep grave of corruption and ill administration…

  • Shetal

    Some people need to wake up and smell the coffee… Dudes, this is a satire

  • saranya .t.s

    The author can write scripts for comic movies…………………good dude…….

  • Meher

    brilliant article, people who cannot make out the difference between a satire and reality should stop reading theurealtimes !!

  • Pankaj

    Good one Ajayendar

  • Yadav

    Abhey, then vote for Rahul, who has so much experience in looting the nation…

  • Atal

    Author could have written a disclaimer with links of the Liberal’s article. then people would better understand that its UNREAL.

  • Ady

    Absolutly Brilliant!!! Looks like we truly live in unreal times… I mean this is not very far from what bullshit people use to argue against Modi on “únreal” TV debates these days :) Looks this you copied one of Digvijay Singh’s speech… Rahul baba would not be pleased ;)

  • Suresh

    what a non nonsense news website.

    • Bangalore

      The sad thing is that tunnel vision Congress supporters will actually use this article as more fodder thinking everything said here is fact.

  • Abhishek

    Jo log is article ko padh kar ye samajhte hai ki Ye Modi ki khilaf attack hai to,LOL, ROFL aur hahah ki kasam Modi bhi yahi kahega ki “Aap Chutiye Hain”

  • deepak

    what a non sense article.

    i don’t know this person dont have any beter work to do.

    useless article, making no sense

    waisting time of a serious reader.

  • gaurav jagetiya

    dis aricle is jst a scrap & a publicity stunt by u dear

    • Rajesh

      gand ki aulad…

  • Gaurav Bakshi

    I Cant understand this article is in favor of modi or against modi ? well i could not read so illlogical article after “date of birth” section according to which India will not be having any PM after 100 year because by then everyone’s birth date will be of after 15th Aug 1947 or 26th jan 1950.

    this is was really bad (nothing like satire, spoof, parody or humour)

  • Gopal

    Really unreal… site

  • NIK


  • Prasad Madhavan

    I ask you a question gentleman. Do you see any other good leader with proven records who is better than Modi ? Critics of Modi have many things to say. You questioned about his ability to develop Gujrat. Has any single person from Congress developed India all these years ? If development of Gujrat is fake story, then give an alternate that you have for Modi who has done a better job than Modi ?

    I m not a supporter of Modi. I cannot forget and forgive the riots of Gujrat. But he is a able administrator. He needs to get a chance to prove himself at national level. We have given chances to all the idiots so far, so why not give a chance to someone who claims to change India. Why not ?

  • Hemanshu Oza

    Dear, I appreciate your’s ARTICLE about Modi
    but sir if he is born after independence so its a mistake??????
    Gandhi and Nehru born before the independence so they are worth for the country……
    so according 2 you their should be no election right for the PM????
    as Only Nehru family are alive from the time of independence so…..
    you should bring your point about MR. NEHRU also then…..what do you think which kind of person he was??????
    and his daughter Smt. Indira Gandhi?????
    before posting your cheap and non sense article just see their history.
    I am sure then you will follow the idealogy of modi…..

    • Shetal

      What are you?? Really!!

    • Shetal

      I would also like to know how you landed on this website??

    • Rajesh

      Madharjaat ki aulad

    • soumyo

      Spoiler alert: its UNREAL NEWS. its a parody, satiric website…u sure u came to the right place???

  • Harsh Punmiya

    Modi lovers – This is a satire. It’s kinda forecasting what the likes of Congress Representatives and paid social media will say before elections.

    Modi haters – Spare this site,bcz this site is not judging whether he is guilty or not. Let the courts decide that.

    Ajayendra- Nice article. Loved it to the core

  • Ankit

    after seeing comments on this article I think justice katju is right :P

  • shubham jain

    what is this bullshit……………i dun knw much about Mr. Modi……bt what he has done for his state… incredible…….there are always positive and negative for a thing…….what type of comparisons you have made……..right hand and left hand……n what if he was born after independence…so he does not have the spirit… that neither you n nor i have……n v have seen what people born before independence have done to india…….there are many in congress party……who have made life easy for their 7 generations to come…….bullshit……think twice before writing such useless blogs

  • Raj

    Hahaha….Comments are more hilarious than the article.

  • vikash

    you have ill people does not india to be developing.narendra bhai modi is great personality in politics so far .he is developement oriented person,narendra modi should be pm of india ,it is must.with your ill mentality you can’t know narendra modi.narendra modi is real deshbhakt of india.why you are opposing narendra modi is as you are paid by congress for is politics of congress.pls soppurt narendra modi for future of india.

  • Ravi

    ROFL!! Brilliant!! Send this to all Congies since they’re fast running out of issues to counter his rise!! LOL!

  • Munna

    Lol! Brilliant satirical article.
    Did some of the people commenting here read the article at all ? Modi could do without some of his idiotic defenders commenting here. They are being more harmful to his image than being helpful.

  • 90% Indian as per Katju

    As people have pointed out, this is a SATIRE piece from URT. Meaning that it is delibarately written to be wrong and humorous. The people falling for it and thinking it to be right and abusing the author are not wrong.
    This article is a slap on main stream media (MSM) and their level of intellect and debate. Most people think this is a true article/opinion piece, why because MSM actually produces opinion of this quality – illogical, baised, and insult the intelligence of its reader.
    The author has done a trememndous job by showing the the real level of Burkha Dutt (Nehru Dynasty TV), Sardesai (India Bashing Network) and other assorted Maculites!!

  • Rasmi

    request u for a same research on Rahul Gandhi….

  • vishal

    Mr. Reddy, A good attempt, i’m sure any budding columnist would write about Mr. Modi (Esp his negatives) to get noticed. just like you have written 13 articles, but the Modi article gets you 80 responses more then the other 12 put together.

    incase you make it big in your career as a columnist… Mr. Modi plays a key role.

  • Abhi

    Enjoyed reading it! Pure sarcasm is sometimes stronger that arguing with facts! I am sure that reading this will be a Burnol moment for pseudo-seculars.

    I liked this one the most – “It (Gujarat in map) looks like a mouth – a shark’s mouth. And it is facing our brotherly nation of Pakistan. It clearly shows Modi’s barbarianism towards his brothers, that he is willing to gobble anyone that comes in his way.”

  • nazir

    very nice !!!
    Bowing down to foreign powers: He often proudly speaks of the reception he got in Japan. It was learnt through reliable sources that he repeatedly bowed to greet them. Now some of you might take the easy route and say it is a tradition in Japan. But he is Modi. And that means there is more to it. It clearly shows he is willing to bow down to foreign powers. It is a sign of his willingness to sell away our country to foreign investors.

  • Andy

    I’m waiting for a day when TN youth congress petitions to court to remove Narendra modi with this article as a proof!!!

    • pavan

      hehe :) this article looks good if taken as a real face than as a proof ;)

  • Yogesh

    Ajayendar Reddy has been paid 25000/- by some congressman for writing against Modi.. so he is biased… he appears to be a true traitor who can’t see an honest politician among the crowd of crooks and swines who dominate parliaments. In his lust of money Reddy forgot his national duty to project true leaders..Modi is not only a great man but also a true son of the soil who will lead India to a genuine superpower in next 10-20 years..He posess the true macho and dead honest character to br undisputed leader of 21st century for the nation.

    • Rajesh

      Tu randi ki aulad hai madarchod.. Sarcasm ka meaning pata hai bhadve.. Randhike bachche… Ja commode me muh dal gandu…

    • soumyo

      Mr yogesh, are you
      being serious or are
      giving a stupendously
      SATIRIC comment to a
      magnificent SATIRIC
      article on a PARODY

  • Dee Cee

    Hahaha, Modi’s fate can be understood by the level of understanding of his followers. Do you want these people to determine the national discourse on anything serious? Internet Hindus, seriously, do some more homework! :)

  • Dnyanesh

    Only one word “Awesome”. Seeing Pigvijay for long time tells me, that he can use these points in 2014 elections!! Hats of to the writer!!

    • Amit

      Actually any one of those ‘spokesperson’ can you this article to ‘enlighten’ Indians about the ‘communal conspiracy’.

  • soumyo

    Mr yogesh, are you being serious or are giving a stupendously SATIRIC comment to a magnificent SATIRIC article on a PARODY NEWS WEBSITE.

  • Amit

    I wish there was a like button for the comments, some of the comments are just too ‘likeable’

    And the article is spot on.. NaMo juggernaut rolls on.. Advani done.. whose next?

    • Dee Cee

      India’s Constitution

  • Raheem

    the writer is an Idiot, who is suffering from many vitamins. If u have enough time use it for up lift of society, dont write rubbish to waste valuable time of Readers.
    Modi is next PM, Vote for him

  • http://gmail kt

    wat bullshit reasons this man is giving …….hahahah…”gujarat facing mouth towards brother Pakistan”

  • narendra modi

    Narendra modi is only person who can change country system.

  • Tejas Gokhale

    Is sarcasm only available for the privileged in India?