‘Gangnam Style’ deemed offensive to PJ Kurien; 1,355,569,720 to be arrested under 66A for sharing it


After arresting 120 Facebook users and slapping cases on over 2000 others for allegedly posting defamatory content on the social networking site about tainted Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman PJ Kurien in connection with the Suryanelli rape case, Kerala Mahila Congress Chief Bindu Krishna has filed a case seeking the arrest of 1,355,569,720 people from all corners of the world, for sharing the Guinness Record holding “Gangnam Style” video by rapper PSY, which according to her, contains defamatory lyrics on Kurien.

An arrest warrant has also been dispatched for PSY himself. Speaking to The UnReal Times correspondent Anil Babykutty, Krishna said, “This is udder naanzenz! Who do people in the world think they are?! Majority doesn’t have to win always. This rapper PSY has written lyrics that are defamatory to Mr. Kurien and as far as the information I’ve obtained from Facebook goes, about 1,355,569,720 people have shared it. Apart from these, those who have danced to the song in various other videos are equally culpable. This includes babies too, which, however, may be let off under the Juvenile laws. This is where I fully stand with the rest of the country, that the Juvenile age limit should be reduced.”

When asked what the offensive lyrics where, Krishna said, “Oh, I’ll tell you! The lyrics go like this:

Naneun sanai
Najeneun neomankeum ttasaroun Kurien sanai
Keopi sikgido jeone wonsyat ttaerineun sanai
Bami omyeon simjangi teojyeobeorineun sanai
Kurien sanai

which translates to -

I’m a guy,
Kurien, who is as warm as you during the day
A guy who one-shots his coffee before it even cools down
A guy whose heart bursts when night comes
Kurien guy

If this isn’t defamatory, then what is? Mr. Kurien is clearly not the kind of guy as has been described in the song. PSY and the 1.35 billion who have shared it on Facebook will be arrested under 66A. The External Affairs Minister will soon be following up with his counterparts from all the countries where this video has been shared, and work with them to arrest those culpable under laws equivalent to 66A in their respective countries.”

Meanwhile, with the possibility of PSY facing up to 3 years imprisonment, the already bustling music scene in Tihar jail has grown manifold, with every prisoner waiting with bated breath to dance to Gangnam Style with PSY himself.

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