In Pictures: Trial run of Free WiFi on an Indian train


Union Railway Minister, Shri Pawan Bansal, ushered in a wave of excitement throughout the social networking population of India when he proposed Free WiFi on all trains in his railway budget speech. The move has brought great delight to passengers. The UnReal Times railway correspondent Rajdhani X, was invited for a trial run. This is what he came across:







Ashwin Kumar

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  • Harsh Punmiya

    Nice article covered all the stuff like Cockroaches,rats, dirty toilet and uncomfy seats, non functional charging points. I think only thing missing is secular protest on communal use of wifi(like tweeting about Modi/liking Vishwaroopam page).

  • abhilasha

    lol.. loved it!

  • harish

    excellent, hilarious :-)
    and best way to tell railways that first set the basics right & then think of hifi, wifi etc

  • Andy

    Nice concept. Good one

  • arshad ansari

    wifi in trains: how many people will it supports whts the speed must be around 10 or 5 mbps if train got fulled downloading speed must atleast remain 20 to 30 kbps

  • Rajiv

    I’ve just had my lunch, and then I saw this pic of the loo…

  • Krr

    Rail police installed to make sure WiFi is not used for anti Cong tweets/posts. Nailed it w/ Govt’s rat..LOL

  • Reddy

    This is way below your NORMAL, AK. You could have come up with more. Looks like you don’t use IR’s services often!!!

    • Ashwin

      Yes, but the main objective of this set was to make a simple point :) …and any further complication of the series would’ve diluted it, no? :)

      • Andy

        Save all your energy for tomorrow’s budget

        • Ashwin

          hehe stuff isn’t really my cup of tea Andy :) sorry!

  • Nidhi


  • Ashwin

    thanks guys :)

  • Aravind

    Cool as ever Ashwin!

  • sasikanth

    lol funny but fyi wifi is just the wireless network not laptop and mouses