In Pictures: Highlights of the Budget 2013 speech


Did not have the patience to sit through the Finance Minister’s entire budget speech? Struggling to respond like an expert in front of the cameras? Fret not. We have summarized the key moments in the Finance Minister’ s budget speech, which began after a minor hiccup, in pictures:





















(read the transcript of the fake speech here)

UnReal Mama

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Ek chatur naar badee hoshiyaar, apane hee jaal me phasat jaat ham hasat jaat are ho ho ho ho ho!

  • Gursimrat Singh Khalsa

    Tragic yet funny.

  • Rachana

    haha Rajiv gandhi rajivgandhi Yojna 11 ultimate! :)

  • Sandeep

    Sad that this is the best which we “mango folks” from “banana republic” can afford – futile mockery of our system. Nice work, as always.

  • abhilasha

    u ppl r too gud.. lol!!!


    So Good.Ienjoyed thw satire and it is good for an early morning refreshness of our Delhi Netas.Keep it up !

  • Shanker

    Is Jawaharlal Yojana missing or forgotten.
    Can somebody remind the concerned person.

  • Mittal