In Pictures: What happened in Parliament before Chidambaram began the FY13-14 Union Budget speech


The beginning of the FY13-14 Union Budget speech in Parliament witnessed an utterly bizarre series of events, one which went completely unreported by the news media. Fortunately the events were captured in pictures by none other than The UnReal Times star correspondent Atul Baskarbe, who was present in parliament as a reporter for our sister channel, Joke Sabha TV.

Presenting the dramatic turn of events to you all, in pictures:



















Ashwin Kumar

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  • som

    xD xD most hilarious!!
    Dr. Swamy takes on TDK. Ashwin, you did really work hard on swamy’s historical entry into the Parliament house disguised as a Sardar.

    Reminds me of an Editorial controversy in Times of India :

  • Krr

    OMG, freaking hilarious. Got Dr. Swamy as Sardar from twitter?

  • Aditya K

    Great one. Hats off to you…

  • sandeep reddy

    ha ha ha… awesome ashwin… made my day :)… keep them coming

  • Sarpanch

    You’re the boss, Ashwin!

  • Andy

    OMG! OMG!!! LOL

  • nivi

    Kaash eisa hi hota…

  • Tejaswi K.R

    Hilarious to the core!!!

  • soumyo

    Bloody brilliant…this SHOULD happen..atleast once…

  • Gursimrat Singh Khalsa


  • c s

    ***king awsome dude..sharad powar and sonia s experssions were hilarious..

  • ck

    Only Dr. Swami has the balls to call the woman by her name. Hats off!

  • lmao

    fuking hilarious!!!!!

  • Anon

    Great one. Keep your creative spirit flowing. Hilarious & nicely done.

  • Abhilash

    EPIC ! Delightfully brilliant satire! I like the one in which RG says “Is it just me or did i hear a scheme not named after dad?”

  • Giridhar

    Nice funny one, that too Chidu telling Sure Sonia

  • panini10

    This is CLASSIC. Hats off!

    Every dialog is punch line.

    “Ponga de dei” – Best ever.

  • Ullu Banati

    Wow Ashwin. Just Wow. Wow Wow Wow.
    You were at the top of your game here. The habit of Meera Kumar was wonderfully used here as well as the disguise SS had taken. I was actually stunned to see Chiddu talking like that to Sonia etc. It really made me feel good. This has to be one of the best of your works.

    Btw, Ashwin, it is time now to have a special series where we get to have a re-dekko at your selected best works. You must have at least 11-12 top class works and may be more. Pls do it one day….in the near future. Pls.

  • ethicalman

    Hoping UPA minsiters r seeing this and ridiculing there existence..haha

  • Ashwin

    thanks guys :)

  • sunil

    Good One

  • Praveen Kumar

    Great one :) wish this was real.. :(

  • Twarita Dalvi

    Man .. if wishes were horses..Utopia…Sapne Aam Aaadmi ke..

  • somasundaram muthuramalingam

    More than amusing, It just provoked some serious thoughts and made me realize the stark realities of the sad situation prevailing in our country. Why don’t you create a title or a brand and make it a feature periodically bringing out the sordid state of affairs in a lighter vein.
    Rest asuued,your efforts won’t go in vain. It might lead to some much expected revolution.

  • Bhavna shah

    i simple loved it keep sending more

  • Rajan.BRN

    there is truth in the subject though you have presented as sattire.Thank you’

  • Suresh Kumar

    Excellent stuff..

  • Natarajan Paramasivam

    Great presentation but it should happen

  • sathish kumar

    That was out of the world humor.
    By the way talking of the national budgets, has any one ever heard any opposition party ever applauding a budget? Well I have’nt so far!!

    Mr.Modi comment on PM Manmohan Singh ” Empty vessels make more noise”
    HA HA HA!! That must be the joke of the Decade!

  • Manoj

    very funny.daily i read this post and still laugh.
    Ponga da dei.

  • ycgoswami

    very very funny &excellent!