Facebook Wall: Aussies introspect on what went wrong after hammering in the 2nd Test


Clarke’s Aussies made history, not just for being the first Test team to lose the match after declaring in the first innings but for being more sissy than even Kiwis in their capitulation. On the other hand, Team India has rightfully renewed its claim as the world’s best Test team on Indian soil, the England series now a distant memory. We give you a glimpse into the wild celebrations in the Indian dressing room contrasted with the state of mourning in the Aussie camp:

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    ROFLMAO!! Mama, you have the flair to combine just about anything! Take a bow!

  • Amit

    Virendra Sehwag status was hilarious. And Mr. and Mrs. pujara too

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    And Ravi Shastri fell for that yorker!!!

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    I have tight deadline. This page relived all the stress that I have as of now. Amazing. It will take another 3-5 minutes before I resume my work!!!

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    The whole puja pujara post EPIC !!!

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    Loved the puja pujara story :) THe highlight of the post.. Nailed it mama… Hats off to u :)

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    “Pup thambi” ha ha haaaaha

  • Freedune

    Met an Aussie yesterday. He said the two embarrassing incidents in Aussie cricketing history were the underarm bowling and this declaration.

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    pure joy mama!!! Really a ‘p g woodhouse’ effort

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    You are absolutely super fantabulous.
    Unreal Mama for Prime Minister of India!!!!

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    having a real bad day. This completely changed the mood. I am still laughing. Thank you guys.