Robert Vadra throws lavish party after Rahul Gandhi says he is not interested in marriage and kids


Robert Vadra’s DLF penthouse in Gurgaon wore a merry look as nation’s apex jamai threw a lavish party in the wake of Rahul Gandhi’s recent utterance that he was not interested in marriage. The Nehru-Gandhi scion had recently told scribes: “If I get married and have children, then I will become a status quoist and will be concerned about bequeathing my position to my children.”

Vadra, grinning from ear to ear and flashing the V sign, warmly welcomed guests as songs from yesteryear Bollywood B–grade flick, Jamai Raja, played in the background. President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari, was one of the first of the VIP guests to arrive and tearfully embrace his protégé.

“I am feeling very happy for Robert,” said Zardari as he uncorked the champagne to kick-start celebrations. “Such a proud and momentous day for him. Earlier, I was worried about Robert’s career but now I have no doubts that he’ll also achieve great things like me.”

Many Congress leaders were also in attendance, making a beeline to pay their respects to young Rehaan. A Union Minister demanded that Robert be made PM but Robert curtly told him that “now is the time to party, not indulge in petty party politics”. Finance Minister Chidambaram made a dignified entrance, prompting Rehan to ask “dad, who is this tall guy?” “He’s a Father, beta. Go and seek his blessings,” replied Robert.

The only Congress leader in a state of funk seemed to be Digvijaya Singh. “News of Rahul baba not wanting to marry sucks. Now I’ll have to start all over again with Rehaan. Politics can be so cruel at times,” he was heard saying.

The scenes of gaiety were unfortunately marred by a few awkward moments when the security guards prevented the Indian Prime Minister from entering. “We have a Yo Yo Honey Singh on the guest list but no one called Manmohan Singh. Aap kaun hain?” gruffly asked the burly Haryanvi security guard.

Fortunately, Robert spotted Dr. Singh from the balcony and ushered him so that he could go and say ‘namaste’ to Rehaan.

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  • Andy

    I’m already seeing a Indira gandhi in Priyanka in this photo. Too good!

  • Shetal

    Chalo kahin to ant ho…aur shuruaat vadra khandaan ki..

  • Jitendra Desai

    It is also learnt from “the family” circles that Rahul being a real Mama to Rehaan, has decided to bequeath his Amethi Loksabha seat to him in due course.This news has sent DLF and other realty guys scurrying to Amethi for those “deals”.Those who looked askance at Zardari’s presence in said party forgot that Zardari was the original son in law of this sub continent.For any such parties of percentile pontiffs,Zardari HAS to be there.

  • indi

    Goodies and looties.