Chetan Bhagat unveils the 7-S framework for ‘masala entertainment’ based on sex, sentiments, spin…


In line with McKinsey’s 7S management framework, writer and motivational speaker, Chetan Bhagat, has come up with his own 7S framework for entertainment. The elements of the framework were unveiled at a press conference for the release of his latest book, “What Young India wants”. The framework is presented as a foreword in this book and forms the basis of its latter half titled “What Young India definitely wants”.

It is believed that the foundations of Bhagat’s success mantra for writing best-sellers is loosely based on research done ten years back by a paid gossip magazine writer, which concluded that ‘In Bollywood, only Sex and Shahrukh sells’. However CB has taken that philosophy to a different level with his 7S framework.

The IIT/IIM alumnus is the author of six bestselling books and is considered to be the voice of the youth. He is credited with popularizing the literary device of subtle sex (or lovemaking) scenes in novels, which opened up a whole new market segment for the publishing industry.

“All seven aspects in the framework are very important,” said Bhagat during the press conference. “However like ‘Shared Value’ in McKinsey’s framework, sex is the cornerstone of my framework. See, it’s not just about how erotic the writer can make a sex scene, but also about the placement and timing. A plot which keeps the reader guessing about the sex scene,  such as when it will happen, will it happen at all, where will it happen, whom would it involve and in what situation – are crucial. An appropriate placement of such a scene makes a novel or a movie even more gripping than a revenge plot,” he replied to a question posed by a ‘page 3’ reporter from Times of India.

“After sex the most important aspect is ‘Sensationalize’. You need to do marketing, and controversies are the best way of doing that. However you need to do it in a manner that you don’t burn it to the crisp. Better have a planned fight with someone in a manner so that it’s a win-win situation. And I concede that I failed to do that in ‘Kai Po Che,’” confessed the writer of the bestselling novel ‘Five point someone’.

To another question asked by a reporter on ‘Stupidity’ being a parameter, he replied, “How stupid of you to ask this question. Bollywood has taught us that stupidity works, whether it is a KJo flick or a RGV potboiler, they are never short of stupidity.”

Asked about the importance of ‘Satire’, he said: “Actually I wanted to write the word ‘Humour’, but did not a get a synonym with the letter S, so had to settle for ‘Spoof/Satire’. You see, as an MBA, I am used to communicating based on elegantly named frameworks, corny jargon and simplistic models. So calling it the 6S-1H framework would just not have cut it.”

The occasion was also graced by Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma who read some of the paragraphs of the research paper along with Chetan for the audience. However, when asked for the full research work and the final model, Chetan guided us to a landmark book store and asked us to pre-order his next book.

Bollywood has warmed up to the idea of internalizing Bhagat’s framework for churning out commercially successful movies. However a section of the industry feels that Bhagat’s framework does not capture some other sufficient conditions for success at the box office. “I made a fortune out of movies which had just one theme, ‘Rich poor divide and slum boy wooing rich industrialist’s only daughter’ and his framework has no place for it,” scoffed yesteryear star Mithun Chakroborty. Bhagat’s counter was that ‘that is soo 80s and jaded’.

Mahesh Bhatt, on the other hand, claimed that the Bhagat 7S framework was not original. “Eight out of ten movies from our production house follow exactly the same framework. Actually this is a framework which we discovered long back which he has shamelessly plagiarized and rephrased. This can’t be patented,” said Bhatt, scratching his back.

It has come to light that Rajkumar Hirani of ‘3 Idiots’ fame and Aamir Khan are also working on a similar framework. “Aamir and I have already started working on a new model which is only 5% inspired by Chetan’s framework. This would be presented in the next season of Satyamev Jayate which is soon to be aired,” informed Hirani while making minor edits to Bhagat’s framework.


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    These model is not just for films; replace sex with sell and it is corporate philosophy; good one.