Facebook Wall: Fallout of Watson, Pattison among 4 being axed from Aussie Test squad


What sequence of events led to the ignominious sacking of Shane Watson, James Pattinson, Mitchell Johnson, and Usman Khawaja from the Australian Test squad? What was the fallout of the decision to send them packing?

As always, The Unreal Times was at hand to take snapshots of the scene of crime:

(Thanks to @rameshsrivats and @ABVan for wisecracks 1,2)

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  • KP

    I guessed you guys will create a “Facebook Wall” for this news…but this is too quick :D

    Sehwag and Fletcher ‘posts’ are good :D

  • KG

    I am disappointed to see a collection of others’ tweets and comments. This is not expected of you, URT.

  • Amit Kumar Jha

    Virat’s reaction is hilarious. Kudos to you MaMa. One of the best recent Facebook spoofs.

  • Sriram

    You guys are so fast… man u guys rock… I was expecting this from the moment this news broke out… keep rocking…

  • Ullu Banati

    Hey mama, the best part was Kohli’s reaction. I had never seen that emoticon before but after I realized what it was I really laughed for about 40 seconds like crazy….awesome awesome…..

  • Sanath Kumar

    The last comment by MS to Clarke is simply awesome :) Couldnt control my laughter.. You guys rock :)

  • Aditya

    Saw this comment – will make a great story for Unreal Times:

    ‘Dropped Australian players are attending a 5 day seminar on power point presentation at IIPM during 3rd test’

    • Sugi

      Good one!

  • Gurpreet

    Awesome.. absolute treat..

    Just an observation – Shane Watson and Youvraj Singh have a lot in common as far as their cricketing careers go (both are great One day and T20 players, but always disappoint in Test matches) ….. would love to see if the unrealtimes team can come up with a facebook wall interaction between these two guys!! :))

  • Reddy

    ‘… three reasons in which we can improve ….’ – better that English Mama

    • Unreal Mama

      Oops. My bad :) Meant ‘ways’

  • Vipul

    HAHAHA !