Sonia Gandhi gifts Google Glasses to Karunanidhi to win back support


The stand-off between the DMK and UPA may end amicably in the wake of UPA chairperson, Smt Sonia Gandhi, gifting the DMK patriarch, Thiru Mu Karunanidhi, a special set of Google Glasses. The glasses have been specially customized to suit the Kalaignar’s chromatic needs, in addition to the usual array of features.

Karunanidhi’s eyes welled up with tears as he unboxed the Google glasses. “I am touched by Soniaji’s gesture,” he gasped. “These glasses will give the required vision to serve my party and my state and open a new chapter of friendship between the Congress and DMK,” he waxed eloquent.

Reports have also come in that these glasses have some special features which have been designed only for Karunanidhi. A spokesperson from Google explained, “Besides having all those redundant features by which we entice our customer, this piece has a special ‘politician scanning feature’. This feature has been designed for Kalaignar sir keeping in mind the upcoming 2014 elections. So while wearing these glasses if you look at some minister and say ‘Scan Minister’, these glasses would populate the screen with key information of that minister. To name a few:

  • His total years in politics
  • Highest position held
  • Total bank balance
  • His relationship with CBI
  • Horse trading aptitude”

There is an atmosphere of jubilation in the Congress after Karunanidhi accepted the gift and gave all kind of positive hints of a return to the coalition. “We did it without a single phone call to the CBI. This shows that our alliance partners have full faith in Soniaji’s leadership,” said an elated Kamal Nath.

However their happiness vanished when DMK announced a new set of demands, one of which is to recite the following tongue-twister repeatedly for five minutes:

Kanimozhi knows Azhagiri and Alamozhi knows Kanigiri


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    Lost opportunity. You forgot to link Virendar Sehwag’s efforts to understand swing using google glass with Karunanidhi story :)

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      Aaaah !! Missed that

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      Like our politicians :)

  • Joshi

    Also set of glasses were given to all media reporter with feature that when they see Mr. Modi vision will go back to year 2002.