Justice Kajtu requests that April 1 be declared a national holiday since 90% of Indians are fools


Press Council of India chief, Justice Markandey Katju, has spammed the President, Prime Minister, and the Home Minister yet again, this time appealing to them that April 1st be declared a holiday since he feels that 90% of Indians are fools.

Here is a copy of the letter that he was kind enough to share with The Unreal Times:

1. H.E. The President of India
Rashtrapati Bhavan
New Delhi

2. H.E. The Prime Minister of India
South Block
New Delhi

3. H.E. The Home Minister of India
South Block
New Delhi

Your Excellencies,

Re: Declaring April 1st to be a national holiday

You would undoubtedly be aware that April 1st is celebrated all over the world as Fools Day, when people try to play pranks and pull a fast one on each other. However, since we also know that 90% of Indians are fools, it would be most fitting that this auspicious day be declared a national holiday just like Independence Day and Republic Day.

Now, since approximately 90% of Indians are fools, the odds are that all three of your Excellencies are fools too (approximately 73%) and hence might not understand the logic of my proposals. However, I foolishly believe in overcoming the odds (yes, I am part of these 90% Indians who are fools but not part of the other 90% idiots who vote like cattle) and hence have been foolish enough to write this letter.

I therefore urge you to give due consideration to this proposal.

With regards,          

Yours foolishly,

PS: It has come to my notice that #Rahulday was trending instead of April Fools day on Twitter. Being part of the intelligent 10%, I have no clue why this is happening but it would not be a bad idea to declare April 1st as Rahul Jayanthi as well.

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  • Badari Narayanan

    April Fools day to be renamed Rahul Jayanti – Nice one

  • NM

    You made him contradict himself in the letter body (belonging to 90%) and footnote (belonging to the rest 10%). Guess it was intentional to show the flip-flop nature.