Drug haul case makes Vijender Singh suitable enough to be invited into the Big Boss house

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The ‘high’ flying boxer Vijender Singh was today declared as the first contestant for season 7 of Big Boss.The boxer successfully fulfilled two of the biggest criteria for entering the house: being jobless and being controversial. The flamboyant boxer is elated with the announcement and promised that he would not disappoint his fans whose love has brought him so far in life.

“I had never expected such an overwhelming response from the media industry. I had many reality shows to choose from; however I chose Big Boss over all of them. I am hopeful that my good behavior in the house would help me win back my fans, and who knows I might even get a letter of pardon from Justice Katju for it,” said the 2008 Olympic bronze medal winner.

Sources reveal that the boxer was initially more inclined to do the show Vijender ka Swayamwar on NDTV Imagine, but he refused to participate at the last moment after coming to know about the participants of the previous season.  “We shortlist contestants as per various categories we have made. We have a ‘Sportsperson with tarnished image’ category” for which Vijender qualified. He was facing tough competition from some members of the cricketing community, especially Rahul Sharma; however those heroin doses won him a berth,” said the spokesperson of the show.

There is another rumor abuzz that politician Beni Prasad Verma who shot to fame with another drug haul controversy might also join the house.  “Yes on popular demand we have asked Beni Prasad to join but we have received fresh application from Mulayam SinghYadav who is currently jobless and after being called a terrorist has become controversial, making him highly eligible. This might give Beni Prasad tough competition as we want only one politician in the house, just to avoid fist fights,” said the organizers of the show.

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