Facebook Wall: Barack Obama defends NSA’s PRISM for snooping on Internet users across the world


Following the earth-shaking revelations that the US National Security Agency has been blatantly snooping on Internet users all around the world on the pretext of gathering information, the naughty US intelligence community has once again been caught in the act. The Unreal Times’ US correspondent John Whassisname has been tracking the reactions of world leaders and media to the latest goof up by the Inscrutable Americans:


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  • Natarajan

    ROFL, the one with MMS made tears from eyes .Keep up the good work:)

  • Reddy

    One comment on The Hindu website in the context of an article on PRISM, which I think is the best way to shame the US NSA –

    “Ijust have one request to the US authorities who are handling operation PRISM” . I unknowingly deleted one chat with my Gf, now she is very furious over me for that , can you bring it back ;)”

  • Satish Perumal

    Man, you guys are absolutely awesome. I would love to write/work with you’ll. Keep up the awesomeness quotient.

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    MMS Vs Obama was too good!!!

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    “Past, present, future players, commentators” :-)

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    LOL for FOX News

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