In pictures: India’s very own Man of Steel


Presenting to you, India’s very own man of steel. His near and dear ones believe that he was sent down to earth and to India with a sole purpose – to make a depressed country smile. And how he did it! The UnReal Times correspondent Atul Baskarbe brings you the story in pictures:

















Ashwin Kumar

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1 of the proud columnists of URT, former co-editor of URT Tamil, amateur musician, Real Harris Jayaraj devotee, UnReal T. Rajendar fanatic, passionate about stopping female foeticide.

  • Divya


  • Reddy

    Very creative, indeed!!

  • Sugi

    Laugh. It is a gift for human. One has to have immense potential to bring it from others. Long live Rahul Gandhi!!!

  • Arvind

    May be URT will have serious competition if Buddhu happens to host his own site. URT would be no match to the satire that Rahul Gandhi can offer. URT watch out for it.

  • Rupesh

    holistically funny upar se neeche tak

  • Dinosaur

    Awesome. Not just a single but the whole story rocks :-)

  • Ashwin Kumar

    thanks guys :)

  • VIshwaSamrat

    Ashwin… too gud, like most of your posts…
    These days i follow URT much closely than say ToI or NDTV

  • Raj

    Man, thats really funny, enjoyed every bit of it, Aswin is the best.

  • Suresh

    Mother of Satires here at Cogress’s wesbite..

  • Deepali

    Really nice article!! Funny

    The one in Hamaracongress is more funnier!!!! lololo

  • Prateek Sharma

    The BEST ever.. Laugh riot.

  • Naveen

    hahahaha!! really funny.

  • Amit

    Craker. Absolute cracker.
    I laughed as hell.
    brillient work with the pics as usual.

  • kisalay

    Rahul Gandhi is Crime Master Gogo of Indian

  • banani

    rani ki jhansi….you guys are too good….

  • Bhaskar

    Ashwin, you are one immenseley talented person. Hilarious stuff!!

  • Debargha

    What about NDTVs “Major blow to Modi” .. BTW NDTV ratings are at an all time low i heard due to your site… :-)

  • Luhar G

    Rahul G is the Dubya of India.. (there are so many parallels between them..) URT should create an ‘in pictures’ on RG meets GWB… imagine the Rahulisms and Bushisms flying back and forth.. :)

  • varun swamy

    u see rahul gandhi should become indias pm. why, because laughter they say is the best medicine and whenever rahul will open his mouth(he will be required to if he becomes pm), people from all walks of life and of every age, caste, creed, etc will have bouts of incessant laughter which will be hard to contain. this will definitely reduce the chances of stress related ailments in the people!

    • hari

      not really.. no look further than Mein Maun Sing

  • Fan

    I didn’t even know “How would you answer it” was a thing till this satire.

  • deepak

    Only one word to describe this “wonderful”

  • Wayne

    awesome stuff..hoping for something on his CII speech compared to Modi’s bangalore speech

  • Ellen

    Can you do a post with Nitish Kumar as RAMBO?

  • neo

    laugh roit