Obama authorizes PRISM to release snapshot of Dhoni’s Gmail inbox


As we all now know, the United States National Security Agency (NSA) has been monitoring the online activity of all humans through PRISM, a clandestine national security electronic surveillance program. While this data is off-limits for the public, President Obama decided to make an exception in case of international cricketers, since the Americans are completely clueless when it comes to the gentlemen’s game.

So under the restricted access policy, we bring you a snapshot of Indian skipper MS Dhoni’s Gmail inbox (click for larger size):

(With inputs from Ashwin Kumar and the Unreal Team)

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  • Dee Cee

    TOI has surpassed NDTV in committing blasphemy!

  • Boyd

    Srini mama(420), LOL :D …

  • gaurav

    like the reference to roger federer out by sachin in the chat list, great attention to details :-)

  • Hitler Swamy

    Thanks DeeCee, Boyd and Gaurav.
    The chat windows, gmail labels were coined by Ashwin/UnReal team.:-)

  • https://twitter.com/Rajiv_Sen Rajiv Sen

    :D Good one. In detail.

    But sometimes it looks something odd* that a 3rd person replied a personal mail. Besides, the personal level indicators of GMail was missing in it.
    Instead of GMail inbox, could you guys design this kind of things with something like FB wall?

    * i.e. unreal. You guys are actually so real in your creations that anything that is not that much real in those looks odd

  • Insane Insaan

    great one :)

  • Bru Coffee

    Bru… ultimate!!!

  • Divya

    Bru coffee was just rofl!!! :D:D:D

    great one once again!!! *claps*

  • http://indiaindependenceday2013.in/happy-independence-day-sms-in-english/ Rakhi patel

    Obama and Dhoni ?? Ha ha you are so much funny.

  • http://indiaindependenceday2013.in/happy-independence-day-sms-in-english/ Indian Independence Day SMS in English

    I love Dhoni and Obama.

  • Moriarty

    Do you have to wear your caste on your sleeve UT.
    We all know that UT is filled with curd rice eating Modi fanboys.

    But that bit with Ashwin and poonol thingy was especially yuckie!!

    • Rahul

      Control bhai! It’s just a joke. No need to bring caste, religion and Modi into this. Spew your venom elsewhere!

      • Moriarty

        What happened ‘Rahul’? Your curd rice and pickle caused you indigestion???

        • Rahul

          :) You wanna try again?

          • Moriarty

            Naah.. i will pass… is not even fun trolling you.

          • svs


  • Hitler Swamy

    Thanks for the feedback guyz….:)

  • Prateek Sharma

    Have read better stuff from you guys.. Also, you “gmail inboxes” are not up there anymore. The other stuff is better.

  • Shishir

    Best bit was definitely the one from Bru coffee :P