In Pictures: Reactions to Narendra Modi’s puppy comments


Narendra Modi’s ‘puppy’ remarks in the context of the 2002 riots during an interview set off a political maelstrom that reverberated  across not just the India polity but the animal kingdom as well. We bring you reactions as they unfolded in real time:


Having exhausted his reserves of outrage during the week, Times Now anchor Arnab Goswami was all set to cover some special interest stories and slip into a cosy weekend, when a reporter broke the news…



For some others, however, the weekend just got better. A romantic candlelight dinner with your better half followed by a trip to Goa might be the ideal weekend for most, but for the driven, it takes something extra…


The union of BJP spokespersons, however, wasted no time in accosting the management…



Some took Modi’s comment rather personally…



…while some others welcomed the comment…


The usual polarization ensued both off-line and on-line



The Congress High Command took some time in deciphering Modi’s remarks…



…while some others were quick to capitalize on it…



A certain gentleman, however, waved off the comment…


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  • gill

    OMG. This is brillient mama..u rocks. This is amazing stuff best one till date. Every pic is great…

  • Manmohan Sardar

    Aaj Se, desh mein koi kisi ko ‘puppy’ nahi degaa.. Puppy lena ya denaa manaa hai..

    teek hai?

  • Debargha

    Was expeting the topic today….but thint it will be this great… r u guyz high when makin such stuff? :-)

  • Sanjay

    u guyz r getting repetitive and boring

    • Yavan Mardan Sharma

      Is that Sanjay Jha? Of the eNREGA fame?

      • indi

        Its Sanjay JHa of the e- chamcha fame.

        • Aswin


  • A

    ROFL :)

  • Hindustani Dil Se

    Whether Modi said Muslims are or below puppies or not (He didn’t as his comment was misinterpreted), Modi’s enemies are branding Muslims as puppies or lower than that by constantly drawing this interpretation.
    No one cares to read the whole interview and is keen or reading words out-of-context to suit their ears.
    Is anyone talking about what Modi said about Voters? He said vote should be based on India not Hindu/Muslim/Christian/Sikh
    Is anyone talking about what Modi said about implementing any good ideas from Vajpayee/MK Gandhi/Patel?

    Congress has been communal politics since Nehru, the playboy
    Sibbal as rightly said by Swamy is Zero Sibbal
    Farooqi polarizes elections and gets Muslim votes
    Rahman Khan wants special trial for Muslims who are tried as terrorists
    Digvijay Singh doesn’t require a reply to glorify his theories

    These are the people who should be the judge of what comment is communal where their whole existence in politics is based on vote bank politics?

    Coming to Hindu Nationalist, is it a crime to be proud of being Hindu in HINDUstan?
    Modi said, he is Hindu, he is nationalist
    So reporter can combine them both and call him Hindu Nationalist if he likes
    What’s wrong in that?

    As Modi said, People are the best judge, it indeed is the actual truth in democracy.
    So, if Modi doesn’t say you have problem
    When he says, you have problem

  • Jay

    After some Bomb Blast (unable to tell which one, as there have been many in recent years), our Diggy did a marvelous comparison !! When asked about the number of Bomb blasts having increased in recent years, he replied, it is still lesser than that happening in Pakistan !!!

    WoW!! What a beauty… Diggy ??? Why not compare malnutrition with Somalia, and remain happy?? Hail UPA !!!

  • Akash

    Mama, charan sparsh sweekaar karein!!!
    climax was too hilarious…

  • AB

    Hahhaaaa. Hilarious. Modi as a national joke. With each passing day his destiny is finally being written.

    • A

      Not all your dogs are barking.

  • Srinivasan S

    Every one, whether litereate or otherwise, has got their own scale to measure the news depending upon their education and understanding. As somebody said that people are gullible and forget their own remarks. Let Modi continue his renaissance.

  • indi

    As one Times Now editor puts it: “He humiliates you. It’s not just about picking holes. He’s the editor. He’s supposed to pick holes. But to humiliate a person, to demean the person, to bring the person down, to almost terrorise the person in such a way that your self-esteem hits rock bottom?”——— ha…what’s left…the Samir Jain makes him do it.

  • SN123

    Do you guys have a political leaning?

    • Deni

      I am sure, they ain’t.

    • Hindustani Dil Se

      Do you mean to say that instead of always telling right, The Right.
      We should sometimes say that wrong is also good?

    • Reply

      Isnt that obvious

  • Ravi Thampan

    Madam Menaka Gandhi Your comt was the best Congrat Ravi thapan