Fin Minister P Chidambaram made head of the Universe-wide Extraordinarily Optimistic People’s Club


Finance Minister Mr P Chidambaram has been made the Chairman of the Universe-wide Extraordinarily Optimistic People’s Club (EOPC), headquartered in Athens. The EOPC selection committee was blown away by Mr. Chidamabaram’s calm and sanguine demeanor in the face of dismal news regarding the Indian economy: a tanking rupee, burgeoning current account deficit, slow-down in growth, Dr. Manmohan Singh’s pathetic body language and so on.

Shrugging away these developments, Chidambaram had cheerfully noted, “there is no cause for pessimism and the rupee would bounce back.” The Finance Minister also gave his government full marks for expert stewardship of the economy and reiterated that “all would be well soon”.

The head of the EOPC selection committee, Mr John Upbeatmood, happily admitted that he was relieved beyond relief on finding a new head for EOPC, given the overall mood of pessimism that was prevailing with respect to the Indian economy at present.

He smilingly said, “We were so desperate that we even stooped down to the level of almost recruiting the great Indian smiling champion and part-time bowler Ashish Nehra as our next Chairman. But the manner in which Mr Chidambaram, in his current tenure as India’s Finance Minister, elegantly brushed away these concerns coupled with his unnatural sense of optimism and laid-back approach naturally shifted the scales in his favor.”

“Being part of a sports team and smiling widely while being hit for a six every other ball or bowling one wide after another  is one thing. But by being the Finance Minister of the second most populous country in the world and maintaining optimism as the national currency goes into free fall and growth slows down despite an expanding workforce, Mr Chidambaram has elevated the threshold of optimism to an entirely different unreal level,” gushed Mr Upbeatmoood.

He clapped his hands with joy as he stated that the club was already running with rapidly dwindling finances and expressed unbridled faith that Mr Chidambaram might turn out to be the Knight in the shining, armored, and dubiously expensive government car who will resuscitate the fortunes of the club and the Indian economy. “I mean, it can’t get any worse than this, can it?” he winked and guffawed. Mr Chidambaram could not be contacted for his comment since he was busy dealing with a stack of documents stamped “urgent and immediate action required”, flinging each document into the “come on, cheer up, there is no cause for pessimism :) ” box.

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