Invitation letter for the FROCKYOU club


After not receiving a much wanted and much talked-about invitation to a certain newly formed Elite Club called PRUFROCK in South Delhi, The UnReal Times decided to form a sexy private club of its own. We invite you all to join FROCKYOU: The Dark-Arts & Swingers Club, a private members’ club, designed to be a unique cultural and sexual hub.

(Warning: A-rated content follows. Please read the original invite to appreciate this better)

Dear XXX

Great chicanery and great sex lies at the heart of every robust society. And great metropolises are defined not just by their tall-buildings and toilets but also by the singles and swingers they nurture. Their daru addas and B-grade movie halls. Their casting couches and their massage parlours. Their private clubs and their orgies.

Keeping this in mind, the team that created the iconic The UnReal Times now presents an arousing and original idea: FROCKYOU: The Dark-Arts & Swingers Club, a private members’ club, designed to be a unique cultural and sexual hub.

With a carefully curated, by-invitation-only membership, FROCKYOU, is located in the heart of South Delhi, in a space that spans three shady buildings, each with a distinct mood, all built on a value for great sex.

The club will be a vibrant sexual space, where a highly accomplished, eclectic community of select urban Indians can meet and engage in an atmosphere of great intimacy with eminent people who make and shape the world.

All this over finest Desi Daru and exquisite cuisines like peanut masala, veg papad and achaar.

FROCKYOU offers a rich menu of many other firsts. It promises over a hundred engagements a year with a highly creative programme of top-line strippers and sexual-act performers drawn from every discipline that impacts our lives.

At the Club, on any given day, you might find a famous writer or filmmaker performing a sexual act. Or tune into a ‘ping-pong show’ with a Thai girl pulling live birds out of her. The menu might include an S&M Act, a legendary porn-star talking sex, or an erotica writer outlining new horizons of sexual fantasies.

But, equally, membership to the Club would mean an invaluable opportunity to talk crazy sex with those who sit in the country’s hot seats, wielding great power and influence, politicians and businessmen, social activists and spiritual leaders, and engage with the complex mechanics of performing weird sexual acts through conversations held in an atmosphere of rare intimacy.

FROCKYOU, therefore, will be that unique urban phenomenon out of which the sexual culture and coital engagement of legendary cities is born: a space where the life of the deviant mind and sexual fantasies meet. A contemporary, edgy, live space that evokes both pleasure and performance. A space to eat, drink, FROCK. A place full of possibilities. Threesomes. Orgies. S&Ms. And, of course always, high aesthetics and pleasure.

Membership for FROCKYOU: The Dark-Arts & Swingers Club, will be scrupulously monitored, recorded in HD for later viewing, and will be very limited. The cost of membership has been kept extremely modest – the criterion of FROCKYOU being not means but attributes, if you know what I mean.

Not money, but an experimental mind.

XXX, I’m hoping to see you among the members at FROCKYOU for heady evenings built on booze and great sex.

Yours Sexually

Ajayendar Reddy

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