Rahul Gandhi joins AAP as intern after noting that Congress needs to learn from Arvind Kejriwal


Following up on his declamation to learn from AAP and improve the Congress, Rahul Gandhi has signed up with AAP as an intern. The Congress Vice President had said during his brief interaction with the press after the poll results were announced that “the Aam Aadmi Party involved a lot of non-traditional people and we will learn from that…and will better it in a way you cannot imagine.”

This will be Rahul Gandhi’s first real job in his career. He had briefly worked as a management consultant after graduation which of course doesn’t count and no one is really sure what exactly he’s been doing since he entered politics. Congress leaders have welcomed Rahul’s move. “Rahul baba has embarked on a discovery of India ever since he entered politics but his learning curve has plateaued of late,” a senior Congress leader said. “He has some fuzzy ideas but is not sure how to communicate, let alone implement, them. Hopefully, the internship with AAP will inspire him into action.”

Arvind Kejriwal confirmed he has received Rahul’s application and said the Nehru-Gandhi scion is free to work for his party as an unpaid intern. However, Kejriwal said he’s not sure what job to give him. “The boy doesn’t seem to have any tangible skills,” the AAP supremo observed. “So I requested him to take up social media activities including tweeting on behalf of AAP with hash-tags such as #KejriwalsweepsDelhi but he refuses to be on Twitter because his mummy has told him it is poison. He offered to write speeches for me but I am reluctant to utilize him for that. For the time being, I’ve told him to simply hang around just like he does in the Congress and sporting an AAP cap.”

Rahul meanwhile has already commenced on what he does best: visiting residences of AAP leaders and having dinner with them. “I’ve already visited Sisodiya uncle’s house and had a tasty dish of dal-baati. Next I’ll be visiting Shazia Illmi’s place for biryani,” the Nehru-Gandhi scion said of his ongoing internship.

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