In pictures: Arvind Kejriwal doing things


Arvind Kejriwal does things. And how! Here are a few clicks:

Kejriwal proving he is an Aam Aadmi by doing ‘khujli’ in public


Kejriwal proving his bravery by hugging a polar bear 


Kejriwal repairing Ashutosh’s brain after NewsHour appearance


Kejriwal waking up after hearing Salman Khan was driving around in Delhi


Kejriwal choking on his food after his wife asks him if she’s looking fat


Kejriwal blushing after being informed that Poonam Pandey wants to join AAP


Kejriwal after being told that Rakhi Sawant also wants to join AAP


Kejriwal asking if this sleeping pose is camera friendly 


Kejriwal producing a bag full of clean chits for Somnath Bharti


Kejriwal congratulating an imaginary Kejriwal for becoming the Prime Minister of India


Kejriwal revealing the technique to cough whenever on camera


Kejriwal singing “Dharna hai dharna” to “Parda hai parda” beat  


Kejriwal rewarding Ashutosh with “Sanjay Jha” award for being the most ridiculous man to TV


Kejriwal promising he will one day introduce Democracy to America also


Kejriwal cheekily answering when asked who fooled Kumar Vishwas into buying that hideous thing


Kejriwal reading out the names of all the officially honest persons in Delhi after AAP’s Internal Survey


Kejriwal after he was informed that Neil Nitin Mukesh out-trended him on Twitter


Kejriwal wondering if he should tell Anna that Santa is not real


Kejriwal destroying Anna by telling him that Santa is not real


Kejriwal giving Baba Ramdev third and final warning to stop him from winking at supporters 


Kejriwal sharing jokes about Sagarika’s Twitter Interview with his supporters


Kejriwal in playful mood asking the police to swing him for a little while


Kejriwal in a playful mood now asking police to throw him in the air and catch


Kejriwal playing Daddy-Daddy with a policeman


Kejriwal after an interview with Arnab Goswami

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